Which location did you work at?

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This week I am going to dedicate time helping members on the community refine their intros and about me. Tell me about yourself in the comments below and fill out your experience in your profile. I will then work my creative juices to help craft a short pitch for you that you can use in your profile, resume, and interviews. What’s your story?

And convenience store owner?

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Make sure to be open and honest. Be ready to work, cleaning houses daily is a very strenuous job! Although very rewarding, getting your regular customers, they become like family. The team you will work with will be an amazing group of supporting people! Maidpro will always have your back.


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I love the environment and the friendly people while working at maidpro it has been a great experience over all.

Going to the wrong house to clean.....oops

Working independently and not having someone watch over your back the whole time.

The people and hours

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