I had no job

When my girl told me she was pregnant I had just lost my job. I needed something fast so I started driving for Lyft and it's been good. It's so easy and the money is there. I work 9-7 and stop for breaks. I don't work the later times because I don't like the drama that comes with it, but the days I do pretty well.

Very happy for you Luc! In fact, I just started setting up insurance claims for Lyft vehicles, and I am enjoying it as well, and…

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What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

Memorial Day is a day full of remembering our loved ones whom we lost who have served - friends, family, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers & sisters - and on this day, we honor each and every person who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I asked some of us here at Jobcase to share what Memorial Day means to them. Here’s what they said:

Ashley: “To me, Memorial Day is a day for admiration towards those that made the ultimate sacrifice for…


Day to praise the men an women who fought for use

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My Lyft driver saved me

This just happened to me.. I went out this past weekend to meet up with some friends. I was out for a couple hours and when I got home I realized I didn’t have my keys!! After a brief panic I realized that the bar and restaurant didn’t have them, they weren’t in my door or anywhere around.. I ended up trying to the lost item option in the app to call my driver and luckily he had them!! An hour later he was able to stop by and drop them off. It’s…

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I'm also a Lyft driver and I try my best to make all my passengers happy in anyway I can and yes even if it means going above and…

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BUSY weekend!

I had a busy weekend! There was a HUGE wedding in town and I guess there was quite literally NO place to park your car at the place they had the wedding so the guests had to get rides to and from the hotel to the wedding. I have driven for Lyft for a while and never seen such a busy time. Luckily all the guests were pretty awesome.

Wow they had no room for parking. What a bad venue. I remember the place my daughter got married had lots of places to park. Well…

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Make sure you stay safe out there

I enjoy driving for Lyft and so far (knock on wood) no issues to date, but I know many women are too scared to even consider doing it. Here are some ways to keep yourself safe. I follow a lot of these myself, especially numbers 5 and 7! https://hyrecar.com/blog/uber-lyft-female-drivers-safety/ Remember the world can be a scary place, but work doesn't have to be!!!

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Thank you for sharing, Izobel, and my current job will be processing accident claims for Lyft, and it may be wise to get extra…

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Driving for lyft with PPZ so different than I thought!

When lyft first introduced personal power zones in my city I was skeptical and even considered stopping cause I just wasn’t sure about the change. I was already deep into doing prime time and I had my whole daily circuit mapped out but I figured I’d try it and see how it impacted my earnings. At first it just felt like a lot of waiting around. But now I’ve been doing it for a while and the bonuses def add up. Add that to the reduced cost of gas…

Hi Omar Barnes - what is the personal power zone? Is that something where you get paid more for driving in a particular area?

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Matt Bornhorst Yes usually high volume areas and times especially big cities during the beginning and ending of normal business…

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I felt appreciated at #Lyft when

I conversated with my customers en route to there destination point and safely delivered them in a timely manner.

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I overcame a challenge at #Lyft when I

Adjusting to different client atmosphere.

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Way to go Tony Pavleski !!

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She just lost it...

I drive for Lyft and I picked up a mother and her little girl the other day. The mother held her baby's hand as they rode silently. I noticed that the mom looked extremely stressed. I normally don't like to butt in on people's lives, but I decided to ask if she was ok. She lost it and started crying hysterically. I pulled over. She told me her husband had just passed away three days ago and they were on their way to visit with family. My heart…

I believe you just listening to her was a bit of a relief to her.Compassion is a great quality.I commend you for this.If I were…

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45-62? Having trouble landing a job? Sound off.

Yep, the more I talk to people between the ages of 45 and 62, the more I realize if you have been laid off you are screwed, pardon my french. The real ass kicker for me came this week when I found out a major corporation hired a 2018 college grad with virtually no experience over me with my 30 years in our business. Not sure what to do but I refuse to drive for uber and lyft at this stage of the game. Are you in the above mentioned age group and…


I'm having trouble landing a apt for rent

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Get a real job

Just wondering how many gig jobs do you have? I drive for Lyft as you know, but I also sell things I get at auctions on eBay. A while ago I did some construction work with my buddy too. I make pretty good money. I have no desire what so ever to work for a boss. Always want to be my own. That's why I love gigs. Why are people always so damn negative about them though? I get told all the time to get a real job. I DO have a job, just probably more…

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I work from home as a CBD oil distributor. I have negative comments from all kinds of people, but what I do pays the bills and…

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Mikayla Vereen way to go I want to open a pot club anything you can tell me?

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