My problem isn’t experience. It’s too much experience. I’ve been a store manager of 5 different auto parts stores. Looks like I’ve job jumped....but the truth is that 3 of those companies recruited me out of the others. Don’t want to lie on my resume, but don’t really know what to do about it.

Don’t falsify info but customize it Michael Mooney . Remember, the sole purpose for the resume is to land an... see more

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As a career recruiter, I've dealt with a lot of systems meant to help me sort through the hundreds of applications I might receive for each job. Unfortunately, these systems can make the application process feel like a Black Hole to the job seeker. Here are some tips to get past the ATS:
- Use keywords - look at the job posting and use the exact language that's in the description, including titles & acronyms. Be true to your own experience (don't... see more

Have 2 kids streets tough, i have like 3 felons just need to survive, Can someone please help me out Houston Texas... see more

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Chadwick Stearns your best plan is to get an advocate - go to an urban league, or google 2nd chance opportunities... see more

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