Worked for a place close to my house I thought I wasn't happy so I took another job not so close to my house about a hour one way the people at the job close to my house were different than me so I took the other job farther away from my house because I thought I knew these people because I have worked with them before they turn out to be rotten to their core just goes to show the grass is greener in you're own yard lesson learned c

Below is a calculator to determine what a 'living wage' would be in your location. Do you think this is accurate?
Jobcase believes every employer should help provide either a living wage or a pathway to it. We understand that not every job will be able to pay a living wage. But we believe employers should provide one of the following 3 cases for every job:
a) provide a living wage
b) if providing a sub-living wage, THEN provide an internal... see more


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Hey im a young man looking for a job near me I don’t have a car so it needs to be walking distance but im having trouble finding anything any suggestions

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You don't put applications on line. You search online for job announcements (on the main Job Boards) and then... see more

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When I first started traveling to job interviews 6 months ago, resources were limited but possible. Now I try to reschedule to allow for funds and never hear from employers again, and I have to choose based on the commute. It is so frustrating, since offers for in-person meetings are few and far between : (

Hi Gregory Shelton ! If you’re interested in working from home here are a few positions I can recommend! This might... see more

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How do you go about seeking better employment and/or other opportunities in your area?

Hi Clinton!

Have you tried using the search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs &amp... see more

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Need new work asap close to home

lena moses I did a quick search here on Jobcase and found these jobs hiring in your area. Be sure to apply to any... see more

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Ok so an update to I got the job! 10 minutes from my house and they r not a company that expects u to work for free... unusual for this day and age!! A 40 hour work week!!! I got the grand tour of the building and met my new co-workers! It seems to be a great environment!! I go out of town for paid training for two weeks! There is Alot to learn and I am not shy on asking questions so I can learn my job! So far it was great I got off at 5 pm and... see more

That is amazing news Deborah Prichard !! Congratulations on your new job. A 12 minute walk sounds like an IDEAL... see more

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Matt Bornhorst lol not a 12 minute walk but a 12 minute drive..but ty! I will be doing mostly computer work and... see more

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I been out out work for a year now. Been struggling and trying to take care of my family off my unemployment checks and it’s been rough. After 16 job interviews and being told I have the job 10 times and realizing the job is either not a great fit or not consistent or I had to be away from my then pregnant wife for five days at a time through her last trimester , I had to reevaluate and leave many jobs. Now I finally found a job I love that meets... see more

Right now I'll take anything. Hard no unemployment checks. Hard . Just know i can't give up.

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Ricklynn Lappin Don't count your temp agencies sometimes they can lead to permanent employment, they can get you in... see more

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I recieved a call back from a job I applied to this morning, talked a bit over the phone, have a formal interview in the morning. The position is farther away than I wanted to travel but not terribly, the hours are what I want with a good team environment which is very important to me. I’ll let you all know how it turns out. Thanks

That is incredibly exciting John D'Agata !!!! How did the formal interview go? I assume you've already had it. What... see more

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So glad to hear the interview went well John D'Agata . Don't forget to send out the Thank you letter today or early... see more

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Am receiving several positions, but most of them are not close to my location, how can I change to closer location, or is it that it's all over the world for the job positions...

Hi i do appreciate you allowing Me thee oppertunity concerning a vacancy

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