Are you forming a positive image of yourself in your mindset? Can you see pass those mistakes from yesterdays gone-by? Have you learned from those lessons learned to start life anew? You have that power within you. Like in the illustration below, a mirror can show you one of three things:

1) Who you were?
2) Who you are?
3) Who you're going to be?

LESSONS LEARNED: See yourself as you really want to be, and the past will set you free to a new…


Yes! So true that anyone can make a positive change once they set their minds to it. Thanks for sharing this inspiration Edward

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Two truckers share their stories

Meet Nailah and Martin!

Two different people who truly love what they do, which is driving a truck.

Sometimes in life, you need to think outside of the box.

When a friend suggested that Nailah attend truck driving school she stood in front of her in high heels and a dress and thought NO way was this for her. Today she happily says, “I am in a place where I don’t have to want for anything. I am happy. I don’t have bill collectors calling me…


You guys are good to go ,you rock !

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YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! (Courage is the Master Key.) [IBYC]

PLEASE READ THIS NOW! (It's all about the courage in YOU!)

For the most part of life, perhaps, no one actually walks up to you to tell you that, you're the best, I see great potential in you or you can make it if you try. That's not the environment we live in today.

However, the lion's environment is quite different. When he/she is little baby cub, his father and mother instills strong values in him such as, Your MUST triumph over tragedy, You…


Great advice!

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YOUR LIFE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE! (Courage is the key.) [IBYC]


The lion is NOT the largest animal in the jungle even though his weight is between 331 lbs - 551 lbs, however, he is possibly the most highly respected and feared animal on the terrain field.

Now, the elephant, has the ability to crush the lion with a single stomp, however, who wants to tangle with the lion?

The lion knows he's not the strongest. So, what make him stand-out among the rest? It's his courage…



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WHAT YOU SEE, IS WHAT YOU GET! (Looking outwardly to the future.) [IBYC]


(What you PERCEIVE, is what you RECEIVE.)

If you see yourself the way you are, you only remain the same. However, if you envision yourself the way you want to be, that's when you sense your change ~ Edward Alexander

Look outwardly and envision yourself in 2019.

I Believe You Can...!


I have always loved this photo! Thanks Edward Alexander !

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What I loved working at #Lion

I loved that we made firefighter uniforms that saved people from getting hurt in their everyday job. Very amazing to know that the job you were doing was worth while and appreciated.

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