Home Depot hiring 300 in Vegas!

The Home Depot is still looking to hire up to 300 people for the spring within the Las Vegas store locations. Interested applicants are encouraged to start an application profile at http://myorangeladder.homedepot.com.


Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch contains clear language that your listener understands and is personalized for the intended audience.

I have composed an outline below designed to help you craft your pitch and have included mine as an example. Once you customize your pitch, practice it until it rolls off your tongue smooth as ice...

Elevator Pitch Structure: 15-20 second verbal business card.

  1. Summary label (professional definition).
  2. Where you've…

45 percent of the time it works ALL the time

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I now have been in the Las Vegas area going on 6 months . If I have applied to 1 job I've applied to 1000 jobs .
My problem , or should I say problems is
1. I've applied but never hear a response
2. I get an email saying that the company moved on to other candidates , for basic jobs like data entry positions no less
3. I dont know what employers want, if I never a call back . I cant even email back with a why was I not selected
4. Even…

It seems your resume has a few errors, you might want to have someone revise it.

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Marlo Ricotta
So, why did you state you can dummy down your resume? What is the relevance for your post?

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Busco trabajo

Busco trabajo en Las Vegas nevada

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hola Rosa Pinal ,
Está buscando oportunidades de empleo? Lowes tendrá una feria de trabajo el Miércoles, 13 de Febrero dentro de…

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Job hunting sucks

Just moved from Kentucky to Vegas been out of work for a month. This applying on line gets more frustrating just makes it more stressful thinking about going back to Kentucky

What type of job are you looking for Patricia leRoy ?

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Nelson Franco cashier costumer service. Some thing working with people

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Big Whiskey Hiring in Vegas!

Big Whiskey American Restaurant and Bar is opening its first Las Vegas location, and it's looking to hire up to 80 Servers, Bartenders, Bussers and ***Other Positions*!!

Interested Food Service Professionals in Las Vegas can head over to one of the 2 #hiring events scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 15, & Wednesday, Jan. 16 between 9a - 3p each day at the Town Square Las Vegas, S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119.



Great Lenin Pina

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Needing a good job

Who's hiring In Las Vegas?

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Hey Mahara Phelps Jr , the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, in Las Vegas is interviewing experience Security Guards this weekend…

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Can I work these week

At Las Vegas warehouse, 40hr would help

Hi Jesse!

Have you tried using the search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs & Companies at the…

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I'm moving to Las Vegas soon and i'm looking for a warehouse job I'm a certified forklift operator in sitdown and standup also rech lift and cherry picker. Also shipping and receiving,scanning gun,labeling,putawy and oreder picking.

Hi James Townsend ,
I did a quick search and found these Forklift Operator Jobs in your area. Feel free to apply to any that…

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Nelson Franco thank very much for even caring enough to help i appreciate it and you sir

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I just recently mover back to Las Vegas in August and I'm having a very hard time finding employment. My resume is strong with working with the federal government. Employers have contacted me and offering me employment at low living wage ( 9.00 etc ) . What am I doing wrong ? And what can I be doing to find employment ? Very frustrated

Hi Marlo Ricotta - I'm so sorry to hear that! Congrats on your move though, that must be really exciting.

What type of work are…

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Hair dresser

I worked with hair Cuttery -Weston
JCPenney - Las Veg
Euphoria Salons Day & Spa - Las Vegas
Hair Master - Orlando
Now I’m Independent
I’m looking for a Jobs

Hi Claudia! I did a quick search and found these [JOB TITLE jobs] (LINK) in your area. Feel free to apply to any that interest…

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