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The store I worked for filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed our store 12 hours later . We are being told that we are not entitled to our unused vacation days and pto days . Adding insult to injury we are all commissioned sales and they are not paying us our unproductive rate to help them pack up the store . What are our options ? Thanks for the advise

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You can file a notice with the labor board

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What will they ask me?

Ever stress about which questions YOU will be asked during an interview?

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In this quick video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share the most commonly asked interview questions they've encountered.

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What are some interview questions that you have been

I want job

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I need to help her!!

My younger sister has been working at Lowe's for over a year and loved her job but then they laid her off. Is there anyone else that has been laid off? I am not sure what advice to give her. I am a truck driver and we never seem to run out of work. I know she is feeling down and I wish I could help her more. Any ideas???

Hey Caroylyn, I have to say, Heeeey! To you for being a truck driver! Ok, Lowes must be finding themselves with too many…

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Is this the same as getting fired??

I was laid off from Lowe's and when I tell people they keep saying sorry you got fired. Is that what they will say when my next job calls my references? Was I fired?!! What's the difference and what do I say during an interview??

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You may be eligible for unemployment benefits since you were laid off

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How to explain being laid off.

It is nearly a guarantee that during your next interview the employer will ask questions to determine the reasons for ANY amount of time when you weren't employed, and this includes when/if you were laid off.

It’s important to first reassure them that your lay off was in no way a result of your productivity. It's a great idea to also be prepared to explain any circumstances at your organization that caused your layoff.

In the case of Lowe’s it…

What valuable information. Thank you.

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Rats jumping ship

My work is slowly closing. Everyone sees it happening. People talk and there are rumors going around that they have sold the company. Everyone is jumping ship before it goes down. I haven't been able to secure a new job. I may not have the best track record but I know I work and work hard. I need to find a way to get a new job before they close the doors. I'm not going down with the ship I can't my life is improving I'm finally getting back to…


hit the temp services if need be; but also go online filling out apps as often as u can, the more the better esp. if u hav a…

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Its been over a year now since my position was eliminated due to management restructuring. I have been through many interviews and filled out countless applications with no job in sight . I am down to my last and would appreciate if anyone has any suggestions , before I loose my mind

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Try temporary employment agencies even if it is not in your field of choice, something will beat nothing.

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got layed off cause they closed factory i worked in

I'm running out of money i had to take my money out of my IRA ACCOUNT so we still have a place to stay and I have a car to drive if not we would be living under a bridge somewhere it,s hotter than crap in this old house and paying 650.00 a month rent plus electric,gas and paying water bill to landlord during winter months its cold even thou u have gas heat in this old two story home . I can,t even get her to fix the ac unit and all it,s doing is…

Jackie Crawford I am so sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you lately and that you lost your job. Please check out…

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Have you ever been laid off?

As many of us have learned, the Lowe’s home improvement store is estimated to lay off thousands of workers from assemblers to janitors.

We here at Jobcase are here to support you!

I think we can all agree that losing your job no matter what the circumstance is a very difficult thing to go through.

If you have a few minutes please comment with some advice about a time where you or someone you know was laid off, or even just say hello to those…

Well I was not layed by Lowes. I had resigned under duress. The store manager told me that he was not going to make me a full…

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Would you allow your employee got back to futher there education?

I worked as an Executive Admin. to the Plant Director. We were just purchased by our competitor. That was when we were informed it was time to lay-off. I was in the Structure Task Team that were responsible for closing the plant. It was very hard, but the process showed me how to. In regards to telling people who you know for man years, that they are laid off. But I remained strong in the most professional, transparent, efficient, & confidence…

Good for you for staying strong magie martinez

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He said I couldn't come back...

Worked for Lowe's for the last 3 years as an assembler. Loved the people and the customers and now my job is just gone. I asked my manager if I could please just come back and work a bit more, but he said it came from corporate and it wasn't up to him. I get it, business is business. He said I couldn't come back no more to do assembly and that's all I know there. I am a single dad and my kids birthday is coming up next month and now I have NO…

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Apollo retail merchandising Wars all over the United States and their hiring in all locations to pay $15 an hour and it sounds by…

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