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Below is a calculator to determine what a 'living wage' would be in your location. Do you think this is accurate?
Jobcase believes every employer should help provide either a living wage or a pathway to it. We understand that not every job will be able to pay a living wage. But we believe employers should provide one of the following 3 cases for every job:
a) provide a living wage
b) if providing a sub-living wage, THEN provide an internal... see more

When I was much younger my parents didn't tell me to save some of my money--but I did. Then I got married and had... see more

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Roger Dickman Thank you for your replay. Your comment was right on!!

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Any openings

REFRESH your career by joining our exceptional team! Coca-Cola Consolidated, the largest Coca-Cola bottler in the US, is looking for Warehouse Associates in Erlanger, KY.

Job Opening include:
* FT Warehouse Assocaite
* Forklift Operator
* Order Builders
* Laborers & more

Go to and apply online today!

I hear you there. It's been a ride for sure. The job market is good we just have to believe there is a place for... see more

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You will learn something s new and the workers and the supervisors are easy and fun to work. There is always something to do, so stay busy.

Cargill pays very well, but if you care about having free time, you will soon realize that the hours there don’t allow for much down time.

First day not knowing how to stack the empty boxes

I assumed my work was perfect, not realizing other circumstances could change what work i had done. Example: gamma radiation cracked our product.

I'm sure that was a learning experience for you barbara tanner ! How did this incident change how you thought about... see more

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I walked. off the job because I was being harassed by a co-worker.I became very angry and thought it was the best thing to do instead physical with the individual.Looking back I regret the decision because I have never walked off a job in my life.


Just correcting above
Instead of getting physical with individual

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It's a great place to work, with hard working coworkers

Thanks for sharing your experience with us in the community Kenneth McCoy !

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