Kohl's National Hiring Event

Kohl's stores will be hosting their first ever National Hiring event on Saturday October 5th at Kohl’s stores nationwide. Job opportunities for in-store and distribution/warehouse are now available.

Verbal job offers will be made, in some cases, on the spot. To apply, click on the Kohl's employment page below to search for local job listings and apply online.

Stop by your local Kohl's store on October 5th for an on the spot interview…


Are You Ready For Management?

Most of us, during some point in our career will face the opportunity to move into a management role. Making the steps up into a management position may not appeal to everyone, but for those who embrace this step, it is an important professional milestone. Before you embark into a leadership position or rush to accept a promotion you've been offered from your employer, you should spend some time to reflect on your…

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I am more than ready...25+years leading small to large teams...

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Where do i apply for kohls in dayton ohio

Where do i apply for kohls in dayton ohio

Not kohls.com that would be to easy

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Help us help those impacted!

Hi, If you found this convo then you know @JobcaseTeam is working with UHG, Kohls and Whole Foods to help soften the landing for those that getting laid off by Lowes (story below). We are going to try and identify and help those directly impacted but we need your help too! Here's how you can help:
1) if you know people directly impacted - refer them to this group on Jobcase: https://www.jobcase.com/groups/78782f7a-b601-4453-ae30-a3ed34b733e6

Thank you Frederick Goff together we can help one another! I know if I were laid off I certainly would want someone to support me…

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I have 3 interviews coming up

I have an interview with Bloomingdales on Friday 2/22 but this time at a different location. I have an interview with Gap on 2/23 and a interview with Kohls on2/22 but at a different location that I worked over the holidays. I would really like to go back to kohls I liked working there.

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Congrats Robin Meyer ! This is a great turnaround from your previous post. Please let us know how the interviews go, especially…

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Favorite story @ #Kohls

Many, that others shared with me.
The one that sticks out is the military veteran who said, he and his wife shopped at kohls for a long time, and said kohls was his neighborhood kohls.
His fav was his wife joy to get promotions and discounts delivered to her inbox.

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Looking for a job again boo

Hi everyone It has been awhile. I was working for Kohls for the holiday Oct-Jan5. I really was hoping they would keep me on but they did not. I am 64 and I m looking again. I am running out of ideas.

Need a job? They're hiring!

The holiday season is a GREAT time of year to find a job! Why? Well, because employers are looking for their next great hires, especially around the holidays!

Here are some great companies currently hiring right now!

Click the link to apply for a job that is perfect for you : )









Didn't see anything you like? Feel free to search for a different opportunity here on Jobcase.


Can I have more than 1 resume on Jobcase?

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I got the job with Kohl’s

I’ve been at Kohl’s for a month now and I’m enjoying it, thus far. The money is good and so is the staff.

Congratulations Ja'Meer, I wish I was working!

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Hiring Now! Desperate for holiday help, retailers give away bonuses, trips, gifts cards and $$$

To attract workers:

Companies Like Target, JCPenny, Kohls, Target, UPS and Federal Express are hiring now!

Retailers, e-commerce and logistics companies are looking to hire over 700,000 holiday workers this year. They are sweetening the pot with cash bonuses and gift cards, as well as chances to win kayaks and diamond earrings.

Target: In addition to what it calls competitive wages starting at $12 an hour, Target is holding $500 gift card…


God is Good all the time!

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Dushan McGee-Humbles And all the time god is good!!

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felons not wanted at the major chain stores

I have applied at kohls walmart kroger stores, and all have given me interviews. Within minutes I get asked if I have any felonies. I am always upfront and honest with my past. Every time the interview is cut short with the phrase, sorry but corporate won't allow us to hire felons. This is getting very aggravating. I am doing my best to turn my life around and no body will hire me.

I know I was a meat cutter 8 yrs at Kroger I loved it one day I get pulled over my girl at the time had heroin on her she hide it…

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