I made working for #Kellyservices a good experience by

I stayed positive and I loved it there alot and the job I had was great but I miss it

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Well done Erica Tinsley ! Thanks for sharing your experience with the community!

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You appear to be exteremely charming.
Very impressive.

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What I loved about working at #KellyServices was

They were easy to work with and for i would love to work for them again in the office as a agent

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Have you applied to work there again joe and michelle miller ?

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What I loved working at #KellyServices

I did my job as a substitute teacher following all rules set by Kelly and the schools. Kelly and I had little communications back and forth. I never had a problem with Kelly and they never had any problems with me. I like the fact that they left me alone and I didn't need to correspond with them unless I had a question about something pertaining to payroll.

Thank you for sharing! Donna Pryor

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Company placeholder
Kelly Services
1035 N Post Rd Ste B, Indianapolis, IN 462194245

Hello. I did not see a starting pay listed.

Hi! The starting pay depends on what position you are applying for. If you are doing warehouse work it is $13 per hour. If you go…

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If you live in the Pittsburgh area, Kelly Services are always hiring temp to perm

Thanks for sharing!

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A #stressful #KellyServices day

Have say ever had one because i try to make everyone happy.

Drama at #KellyServices

I have to walk away and try other day we all go throw some things in are life are i say u need a huge

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What I loved working at #KellyServices

Many different jobs I was qualified or able to do warehouse secretarial medical secretary medical assistant data entry. Fun. I loved the people n the atmosphere.

What I loved working at #KellyServices

The people who work at Kelly Services are friendly and they work in a positive atmosphere, as a temp worker I enjoyed stopping by and checking in.

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