What I loved working at #LAZARUSMINISTRIES

Meeting various groups of volunteers, as well as interacting with the sojourners every Saturday. Lazarus is a wonderful ministry serving the homeless population, as well as the working poor.

Do interviews freak you out?

It can feel a little difficult to prepare for an interview when you are not sure what to expect.

In this 1 minute video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share their interview tips with you!

Make sure to watch the video so you feel more confident and prepared before your next interview.

So tell us, did we miss anything?

What are some interview tips that have worked well for you in the past?


Buy the way i am i understand that interview but is not one's in my experience it's only that wat can commit.

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Best day as a #Stockclerk at #Hy-VeeStore

The night stock manager was very aweful person

Reginald Nicholas (Machine Operator)

Company placeholder
International Paper
4343 Clary Blvd, Kansas City, MO 641302330

I would like to work for International Paper as a machine operator. I am currently employed at Aspen Products as a machine operator however I need to make advancements to my income.



International Paper will not see your post or respond to your inquiry, so you'll need to apply for available…

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Company placeholder
8301 N Church Rd, Kansas City, MO 641581106

Is liberty, Missouri Wal-Mart hiring on it's third shift for position other than stocking?

Hi Jadon,
You can actually see the available jobs they have by going to the company page here on Jobcase! Just click their name in…

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When will they be taking applications for the Cosco oat 152 and Platte Purchase

Company placeholder
241 E Linwood Blvd, Kansas City, MO 641111119

I would like to apply for they new Cosco at 152 HWY and Platte Purchase Dr.

Hi Vickie: I would call this Costco to ask when the other one will start hiring. Here's the phone number you can use to reach…

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I'm looking to hire someone.

The position is Event staff and it's located in Kansas City, MO.. The company is Crowd Systems. All positions are part time. You must be 18 years or older, possess a valid driver's license, working telephone and must have your own transportation. Working concerts, conventions, games, plays, etc. Apply at www.crowdsystems.com

I'm looking for a job around Griffin Georgia Area

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