My advice to people interested in working at #JustInternational as a #Assembly ...

Be ready to work long hours, so get your rest. But the over all environment is very pleasant and light

What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

Memorial Day is a day full of remembering our loved ones whom we lost who have served - friends, family, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers & sisters - and on this day, we honor each and every person who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I asked some of us here at Jobcase to share what Memorial Day means to them. Here’s what they said:

Ashley: “To me, Memorial Day is a day for admiration towards those that made the ultimate sacrifice for…


A day of appreciation and remembrance of the soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coasties of the U.S. armed forces who gave…

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Assembly at #JustInternational ...

Stamped a whole 210 order set with wrong I'd number. But I did catch it and was able to produce the right numbers on the the really quick, and it didn't stop the, noe slow up the production

A #stressful #JustInternational day

It was about 130 degrees in the plant, and the supervisor was frustrated with everyone Because the conveyor continued to break down and had to fixed, so thw production was low

Drama at #JustInternational

I walked away if I was able to, and tried to talk with them later, or tried to resolve the issue right then xonstructively

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