The biggest mistake I made as a #Clerk at #Jolleymobil ...

It was definitely quitting suddenly .I lost my housing and was not thinking clearly- I surely regret it-was not fair to jolley manager and co-workers.


When Choosing An Employer, Culture Matters

When determining whether an employer is the right fit for you, it is important to find out about its culture. Companies are as different as the people who work there and run the business. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Founders and influential leaders often set the initial culture of their organizations. Over time an organization’s leaders can also shape culture…


If a company culture judge you by not adapting to it's culture and not by your skills or unique traits or creative solutions you…

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A #stressful #Jolleymobil day

Probably the 1.5 billion dollar Powerball week-many customers wanting their chance at a winner.

What I loved working at #Jolleymobil

Customer interaction and I was treated well by jolley MGMT and co-workers!


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