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Hi I am an IT professional, having 14 years of experience in IT Infra & Ops, including Server Management, Data center Management, IT Security, Solution Design, Team Management, Budget & cost control, ITSM Management, Stake holder Management, SLA Management etc.

Looking for career opportunities, pls let me know the suitable openings, can relocate anywhere.

Right now I am having very rough time, jobless and having lots of responsibilities on my…

How satisfied are you with your job?

Some people wake up and dread their way to work..thinking about how much they are unsatisfied with their job and all the reasons why they do what they do. While others wake up everyday wishing they have a job to go thru. Kept trying but keep failing. Why is it the ones that want work can’t work? And the ones that work hated work??

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Love my job...love my company..cannot work with a know it all coworker that everyone complains about and nothing is done. Seeking…

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Randt Eargle where do you work

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Ticked Off!

I had the best interview that I've ever had with an employer, the place seemed like a great place to work, everyone was so nice to me and it was for a position I was really eager to do. The woman that managed the paperwork there who also happened to be the owner of the place was somewhat difficult though. She took quite awhile to tell me if I was hired or not after the Interview (she wasn't even the one who interviewed me) and when I finally…

So sorry this happened to you.

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Thank you

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Jason Sharp of Kansas City #depressed #jobless#insearch

Been out of work due to criminal history drowning in debt because bills don't stop married to a wonderful woman stronger than shed ever know beautiful as sunrays but can't even get a one time ok...I'll give you a shot anyone know how to get a job in a situation like mine??? I really could use the help please she deserves it

Hello Jason,
You're definitely not the only person on Jobcase going through this. There's a group just for ex-offenders on Jobcase…

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Thank you very much glad to know there's someone who respects and will help us Ppl who made a mistake and want to honestly make a…

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