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Mike Reitz
about 1 year ago

Surprising job hunt - not a rant

For most of the last 16 years, I have built a career as a branch/store manager with different companies in the building materials industry. However, the last of those companies I worked for closed my branch at the end of 2018. I immediately began a search for a new position but nothing presented itself right away so I took a commission only sales position with a local roofer to gain some new skills and see the other side of the business. I have continued my job search under the impression companies would be happy to see a professional take a leap into something new and come away with even more skills than previously acquired. However, in the last couple of months I have had more companies turn down my applications than I ever have previously. I am not certain what the exact reasons are as I mostly get generic responses that the search is now focused on other candidates and I was not chosen. The only thing I can assume is that because I have broadened my search to include companies outside of the building materials industry that in some way this must be the reason for denials. That I do not have enough experience in their particular fields or industries. I have a bachelor's degree. I have taken certifications to help further my career. And I have now worked as both a supply chain professional as well as a contractor. I am a true professional in the construction industry. However, management is management. It's about getting the most production out of your staff to meet company goals. I have no criminal record, a clean DMV, no issues with previous employers as I always leave a company in good standing. I even have multiple recruiters that have contacted me and still no luck. I'm just kind of at a loss at to what might be the problem. I am completely surprised at this job search.