I got terminated!!

So I got terminated because a new company took over where I was working, and I did not get paid like I was supposed to. I informed them that I'm not returning to work until I got paid and they fired me. I was only there for two months and did not think that I could file for unemployment. So when I threatened the unemployment they said my money would be in my bank account the next day. And sure thing it was. But why should one have to wait three…

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Katherine I want to warn you. You have been contacted by a fraudulent person Peter Petey, he’s bullying you calling you mean…

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Estas aplicasiones en linea Los estan jodiendo a Todo Mundo trabaje hay pero esto de aplicasiones en linea no sirve

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I am 58 and was laid off work. I am getting interviews, but no offers. I really think it is my age. Any advise?

I am 58 and was laid off. I am getting interviews, but no offers. I really think it is my age. Any advise?

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I too am older however, when sending out resumes I only put the years I worked in a position for example 2006-2009 that…

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Nicholas Leonard thank you oh hey have you read my post on another cyber bully, he has created five fake profile names Peter Petey…

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I had an interview

I had an interview last week on Monday and I think everything went well. I’m still nervous though she hasn’t called me back but she says it was because she was on vacation and she says don’t think that I don’t have the job I don’t know what that means please pray.

Am looking for job please someone should help me

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I need advise

Hi i am an assistant manager right now but this past few weeks i feel my manager is not communicating with me about some decisions he had made at work. I feel he is not aware that i am his right hand side on anything related to work.. Few days ago i close the store with a few crew leaders and 2 regular employees well he jump me and comand the crew leader to be in charge of the shift. He knew that if he is not working i am in charge. Thats an…

I think you should definitely take the position at the hospital if they offer it to you but in the mean time I would definitely…

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i got fired!!!!

my employer let me go after I caught pneumonia helping them. they lost their contract with the company I work for. it's amazing how I'm not no good any more after I get sick. I have all paperwork and they won't even talk to me. I damn near died trying to do a job that is for two or three ppl. it was cold asf. But guess what God is Great. BELIEVE THAT... Got a call from GEORGIA TECH I EILL BE ON WITH THEM. THANK U JESUS. AND GOD. TO ANYONE KEEP…

Tjoo that so sad dear sort you will get another job god will bless you

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New to This Platform

Hello fellow seekers! Like most of you, I am also looking for a job. I am currently 17 years old in the Oklahoma City area looking for my first job to help me gain experience with the real world while still under my parents' wings and to help me pay for my gas along with fishing my local lakes more often. If you have any suggestions or tips on finding my first job I would really appreciate the help! Thanks in advance!

Welcome to Jobcase George Patterson we are thrilled to have you!

I think it’s awesome that you are actively seeking a job!

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Ashley Wilson Thank you Ashley! I have been looking around but I will take a better look, I appreciate the information!

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Desperately looking for an entry level I.T job, help desk, desktop support or computer support.

Hi everyone, my name is Patrick. I’ve been taking classes at college and been trying hard to get a job in a career I am persuing, I will be graduating this spring with my associates degree of applied sciences. Majoring in information systems security.
I have tried however for a longtime to apply to jobs and I’ve been told it’s who you know , that’s how you can find a job. I still don’t want to believe that ..
If anyone has anything related…

Hi! I am an Entrepreneur working in the Marketing and Travel Industry. I love what I do and helping others do the same. Inbox me…

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I keep applying to everywhere I possibly can. I’ve been applying for months and I’ve had only one interview. I desperately need the money I have no income and payments are due soon.

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I like yourself have been applying for months. I'm presently holding a part time position with Walmart as asset protection…

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My life is worthless

Right now I have so many applications out and nobody has called me or emailed me for a interview I have 3 kids I have to take care of I have bills to pay and can’t do none of that without no job I am worthless what else do I need to do besides work harder and have more faith in myself hoping and praying that something comes through soon I just can’t deal with my life like this

Please go directly to Aerotek, they will hook you up. Let me no start raving about them..you can have any thing you want. You…

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I hope you know that

We all feel a little lost sometimes, but just remember this:

YOU can do this
YOU are significant
YOU matter
YOU are braver than you think you are

YOU have got this!


oui j ai le meme sentiment je sent que je suis importante et je cherche de faire quelque chose plus importante dans ma vie pour…

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