I have been a stay at home mother and wife. I haven't worked in 10 yrs. Now I find myself at the beginning of a divorce and need to find a job. I have 2 school age children and need to be home for them when they get out of school. I would love a job that you can do from home. I need help! I have no resume. If they could just look at all the things I've done for my family I would be qualified for a good job. Alas they dont do that so I'm stuck…

Divorce is not an option..

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Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch contains clear language that your listener understands and is personalized for the intended audience.

I have composed an outline below designed to help you craft your pitch and have included mine as an example. Once you customize your pitch, practice it until it rolls off your tongue smooth as ice...

Elevator Pitch Structure: 15-20 second verbal business card.

  1. Summary label (professional definition).
  2. Where you've…

Sharon, you are helping meet and I am doing the same....

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Been looking for work over a month now. Getting discouraged: two interviews, dozen times submitted my resume, still not hired.. It isn't for lack of trying...honestly thinking of taking a break. I'm not sure I am going about this right.

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Don’t take too long a break, employers are going to ask, what you’ve been doing for the last...however long you take your break…

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I was fired from my job last September. I loved this job. I didn’t do the things that they fired me for. But needless to say I was fired anyway. I loved that job. It was my dream job. Now I feel as though I will never get the chance to do what I love again. I’ve had interviews but wasn’t called back I know that me being fired was the reason. Can someone help me!!!

First of, never put on your application that you was fired, just say, you was let go and the part that says...reason, just say…

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Help me understand

I have been placing sometime up to 10 online applications a day, and quite often I get an email that apologizes but informs me that they will not be moving forward with my “candidacy”. This floors me, because between this email and the actual application there is no contact. What are they basing the decision on? What is disqualifying me?

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i wish i knew. i have had 12 or more interviews over a month and have been turned down for all of them. i don't know if it is my…

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Janet Callan
Don’t feel bad, it’s not you. Employers have their preferences and have a chance to be picky and take it.
I was…

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I got FIRED !!!

I got fired bcuss ive got diagnosed with lung issues , I have difficulty breathing so had to be calling out I have all the paper work and that job still decided to FIRE me. They didn't care about my health they just said attendance issues. They were more worried about their product than my f*** health and it's real sad I've worked for them for almost 2yrs. But God will heal me and I will find another job that will understand my conditions.

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Why didn’t u apply for fmla ur job would have been protected

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anxious to work transportation by bus!

I have been volunteering in a local hospital almost a year. Although I enjoy my work I need a job with pay. I have have had no luck applying on line! I am willing to seek advice for some kind of help moving forward

Hi Thomas Swiontek -- Does this opportunity with HCA interest you?

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Lois Martin Yes I am

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I got fired

I got fired from the washington county home because i was sticking up for the residents when they were being neglected.

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You did a noble thing for being an advocate for the residents . Most times it's a win win situation, how long did you witness it…

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2nd & 3rd shift General Utility Associates Needed!

Manpower now seeking 2nd and 3rd shift Genreral Utility associates for a premier food company in South Charlotte.  The client is looking for determined yet committed individuals that are as passoniate about their careers as the client is about there product!

Interested? Keep in mind that this job is in a manufacturing/production setting and will run as such.

 What’s in it for you?

2nd and 3rd Shifts.
12 hour Day and Nights
All 3 shifts on the…

I live in pakistan but i intersted for this opportunity

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Yes, you can be hired at 58 (or any age)!...

I thought my fellow Jobcasers would be encouraged reading this story:

A few weeks ago, I received an email as I was found through an online search to see if I would be interested in a newly created position. I did a quick check of the organization, was impressed and replied back.

In turn, I received a reply, had a phone screen, was asked to go in for a first interview, a second interview and then a third interview. I met with 8 people total. A…

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Congrats on your new job I feel the same way too Ian 59 looking for a new job it it’s so hard to find a good job at my age

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I have not worked about 9 months. I tried t return to work 3 times and had a relapse. My left knee couldn’t hold me up standing so long at the supermarket. I do want to change my career. I wanted to stay on because I want to retire, if I start over again, I would have to wait to retire. A fellow cashier worked unlit she didn’t. She was close to 80 years or already was. She could have retired but pushed further further because she mortgage to…

Some of it could be your age. It is the same thing I think with me plus I have disabilities and I can't seem to stay at a job…

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