Such a great story of a management team realizing who built the company's success and sharing the rewards!

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Wanted: Positive Attitude

It all begins with your attitude. You've no doubt heard the phrase Your attitude determines your altitude. A positive attitude will not only help you to find a good job but also help you hold on to your work in a competitive market.

Many employers say a positive attitude is one of the personal traits they value most highly in their employees.

When you have a positive outlook, you work more effectively. It will give... see more


I'm ready to be stable with a great job.Seriously!

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So a few days ago I posted about working at Food Lion and was trying to get some advise about how the hiring process was. Well, that same day I applied with a updated resume and in a couple days, I was called in for a interview :) Normally I am a nerve wreck when it comes to interviews but since I am so use to it now, every question that I was asked my answer was detailed, brief and very professional :) I also threw in a couple of jokes to make... see more

Goes to show the power of communication and personal skills. Managers want to hire people that they enjoy working... see more

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I'm telling you the truth...(MUST READ WITHOUT FAIL).

SITUATION: You will face opposition, persecution, betrayal, lack, slack, back stabbing, disappointments, ups and down, dishonest friendships, arguments in the relationship, revenge from others, discouragements, stress, verbal abuse, limited contacts, a variety of mistreatments to say the least...

TURNKEY: Know this one thing... If you just could hold-on to the horns of faith and show a... see more


Thank you, I needed to read this today.

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How can you become a good influence to everyone around you?

In most cases, doing the right thing is the least prideful thing. It doesn’t mean “be fake” or allow someone to disrespect you. It means do not use hurtful language. It means so what is asked of you and do not look for a shortcut. It means standing up for yourself and others, again without using hurtful language. Be the best you. Good luck.

Meet people where they are. But protect your core values and have boundaries. No one is allowed to make my day... see more

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I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, but please stop and consider those who are homeless. Did you know that Los Angeles has become the #1 capital in the U.S. for homelessness now? Our nation is hurting and we must stop to think about others if we are to turn this nation around and giving to our fellow citizens in need is a major way to help. One place that is in need is the Union Rescue Mission downtown Los Angeles Skid Row area. They... see more

you too Diane Meza my boyfriend is on the streets, just because, system is not able to help him. Government is... see more

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I just want to let everyone know that I am thinking of all of you. I am happy with my decision when I walked out on my job. Thing have been falling into place. Everything has been going great. I really love the job and the challenges it has given me. I look at things differently now. I am not afraid anymore. I am starting to get my life back and more. I just wanted to tell everyone thank you once again you will always be in my heart I will never... see more

Glad you are doing fine. Stay positive and good luck.

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In pursuit of your American dream one must first be in pursuit of his or her own happyness to see themselves through the pains of life to understand the journeys that lies ahead!
8th wondeter-

I wish every day could be Thanksgiving so that we can constantly remind ourselves of everything that we should be grateful for. It’s easy to take our lives for granted and forget about others who are not as fortunate.

I personally want to express how grateful I am for everyone in this Jobcase community. The advice and emotional support that each of you provide makes such a difference to others out there that have nowhere else to turn. You... see more

I am experience in heatreatment past 40 yests

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Today was my first day...Guess he was expecting me to not have a clue...First hour, kinda slow, introductions, showed me around then bam, busy. He asked if I wanted to come in tomorrow...Can't wait.

How is it going on day 5?

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