Time For Change!

Sometimes when facing things we have no control over we tend to get Angry, Upset even Disappointed? The one thing we have control over is our personal emotions and thoughts. Do you think the most Rich and Famous People got where they are overnight? Michael Jordon said it best He once said, “I’ve missed more than 9,000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted to take the game winning…


Hello Michael Carvalho,

Great article about the importance of perseverance and honest self evaluation in our personal journey to…

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Get it in Writing.

You got the job offer, you are so excited. But did you really get the job offer?

Companies that are on the up and up will always, not sometimes but always do the following:
Send you a job offer, and what is included in that letter is Critical;. Keep that letter, make copies. Hopefully, you will not need to point anything out that is not being done.

Job offers can vary but they should at a minimum have the following information.

Start date…

Most jobs, for that matter most businesses, want an individual for hire to have great customer service skills, networking stills…

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When Told You Are Overqualified...

I don't think there is such a thing as too much experience. There are only companies that don't want to pay you what you are worth. The other side, the consequence is that those companies tend to have a revolving door when it comes to retention of skilled people. This is an ineffective practice due to the effects it has on everyone at any given company, it can only create instability.

I think for most we would prefer not to be in that type of…


I agree and I never understood HOW a company could think someone's experience is a negative thing. Perhaps if it's outdated but…

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Resume tips - Picking Good References

There are many things to consider when looking for a job. Your application, resume, and cover letter are all created by you. But what about references? These can be the deciding factor in a job offer. This article covers how to choose the best references.

Reference lists should be separate from resumes.

Employers typically require applicants to provide references before making hiring decisions. This can be…


This is some excellent advice! A solid reference can be the difference between standing out and moving on.

In addition to…

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Stay strong never give up if it seems hard push harder if you feel yourself about to break put yourself back together life is based on ups and down and struggles but it's up to you to make it beautiful never give up

Thanks for your words of advice Graham Bramwell !

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Here's a thought!

Thought for the day!


Nic one Donna Weymouth , thanks for sharing!

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I motivated a coworker every day.

Each day I prepare the cash bags for our two cashier stations. I place a motivational quote every day in each bag! Sometimes you need a pick me up and don’t even know it! Those are the best ones to receive!

That's a great idea Lauri Etling !

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When Choosing An Employer, Culture Matters

When determining whether an employer is the right fit for you, it is important to find out about its culture. Companies are as different as the people who work there and run the business. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Founders and influential leaders often set the initial culture of their organizations. Over time an organization’s leaders can also shape culture…


If a company culture judge you by not adapting to it's culture and not by your skills or unique traits or creative solutions you…

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Cute old couple

There’s a nice older woman who is a regular at my KFC and she always make a long day feel okay. She is super patient and asks everyone how they are and usually brings her husband in even tho he’s got some medical deafness. They are real cute and make everyone’s day!! It’s just so nice to feel like you are improving someones day and it always feels like they do this for us so that’s my happy KFC story lol

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Very nice

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I'm telling you the truth...(Some people will fade away with time, but NOT you.)

Beloved, everyone is living life on thescales of timeand time waits for no one, with no exceptions ~ Edward Alexander

THOUGHT: You were endowed with the seeds of greatness, born to bring forth unimaginable wonders, unspeakable dreams, and inconceivable illustrations of magnificent things to come.

ACTION: You have to loose the binds which have you bound! Then, tie…


God Got Us

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I have finally been hired!!

I have been sending out resumes since May of last year and I finally landed a job that doesn't need one! Since I have been out of any kind of real work since I got off active duty to take care of our girls, I've had to rebuild my work history. So I really don't mind that the job is a warehouse job. The pay is decent (i.e., much better than nothing), and I have a chance to finish my degree in Paralegal Studies and my certificate in IT Tech…

Katie-please be careful. There are a lot of job scams out there. Please check your local Unemployment Office for any…

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