I received and accepted an offer Monday, September 25 after a great panel interview last Thursday, September 21st. It has been a long journey after being laid off in January, 2016 ( I have worked 7 months since this date), but things are finally looking up.
It is HARD to stay positive and keep the faith when you're in such a dark place! But, stay connected with your support system and network, network, network! You WILL find employment!

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Greetings my people, just joined this community. Is good to be here. I want to thank the founder of this wonderful group for the…

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Are You Ready For Management?

Most of us, during some point in our career will face the opportunity to move into a management role. Making the steps up into a management position may not appeal to everyone, but for those who embrace this step, it is an important professional milestone. Before you embark into a leadership position or rush to accept a promotion you've been offered from your employer, you should spend some time to reflect on your…

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The poster has offered a good list of things to consider.
I've been in many informal leadership positions in companies and in…

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ManPower in Shorewood, Illinois

Yesterday someone I know was telling me to call ManPower because he knew someone who was working there and she was hiring. When I called she told me get there ASAP so she can run my background and have me do the onboarding process to start a job next Monday. Hopefully this comes through, but while I was in the office I heard her say she just picked up 20 something contracts and had to fill a lot of positions. If you're looking for a good paying…

Have any vacancy in japan

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Hired at 56

After posting my resume to 114 companies, I was finally hired. Wish me luck !

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Kinda late - but good luck and how’s the job been treating you?

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Here we go!!!

So guys,I start work this am at 9.... I'm like so excited but soooooo nervous since it's been so incredibly and redicoulously long.....but I was telling one of you who responded to a very curious guestion ,and Thankyou ALL for your responses. I'm great and just thee biggest people person,with a gigantic personality,and I'm hoping my instincts just kick in,and I'll be great!! I hope Lol!!! I need a Good Luck and a Don't worry,you'll do fine…

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You are sext

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Hired at Last

I had to do 3 interviews for this job. Bit the pay is great. Benefits and I am so honored to be working w a great company. Just amazed how much i have been doubting myself these last few dats before I start on Monday. I have waitied so long. Now that it's time, I am so nervous about being away from my 1 year old daughter. Plus will I be able tp function working full time and taking care of myself and her?
I am so grateful but I am scared too

Don't worry god got u

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Finally Found A Job I Love!!!!

I am so happy. I finally found a job where my ability to learn quickly and dedication to perfection is valued. Not only that, it's a job that I can handle despite my medical issues. God has blessed me and I must say, there really is something to the power of prayer ♡

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Kimberly, there is always a door open even if we don't see it. I'm glad for you.The company that hired you is lucky to have you…

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Thank you

Thanks Job Hunters! Your questions, experiences and comments have kept me encouraged while I searched for work. It took me 2 months to find the perfect spot, or for the perfect spot to find me. I realized that all I needed to be was qualified from their point of view and a good fit for the team. Any other negative thoughts about why you're not hired by a company (i.e. age, race, education, etc.) just dismiss them and keep hunting for a job…

Way to go Crystal!!! We are so glad to have you here and to know that reading other's stories helped inspire you to keep going…

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Another job

Got a call this afternoon around 2 now I have two jobs this one will be part time cooking once again.

That's Awesome, Congrats Christopher!

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Very curious!!!

So, I got the text this am saying I got the job, needless to say,I was soooooo psyched!!!! Now,here's the question,and I want your TRUE opinion! I got the job at AC Moore Arts and crafts......but,my good friend IS going to be my manager and boss!! She already told the top guy of the company that we were friends,and it was cool,all good. How do you think that'll affect our relationship....if at all?! My bud was likeI'm not gonna treat you like

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Be careful your friendship can take a toll, remember friends are out-side of work, people are different at work, and you need to…

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Start tommorrow

I have been going through the process since December 6, 2017. Didn't want to get my hopes up. It's only a temporary position but you know what it's mine. I plan to do my best keep, my head down, and stay positive. My goal is to become permanent. I like to thank each and every person in the jobcase community who posted positive messages who help to keep me grounded. Special thanks to all who posted jobs they felt I was qualify for thank…

Congratulations!! Yes he does have a plan you just have to trust the process!

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