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Growing up in the IT world everyone said you have to work your way up the chain. I have several times from Help Desk to eventually a Director role. A few months I got super sick (I had an organ rupture) and received a lot of crap from my employer. I ended up leaving that position even though I loved the company I worked for.

A lot of the places I have applied for either tell me I am way to over qualified to work for the position I have applied…

Ind a firm who offers the position that better suits your qualifications & start there.

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Enhance Yourself With Charm

Charm is simply defined as the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Given it's alluring quality, charm is something that could benefit all of us.

What is the most important quality to possess when trying to win someone over, whether in business or in your personal life? It's charm, the ability to create extraordinary rapport with anyone, and make him or her feel truly exceptional in your…

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You can have charm charisma and be very polite but if they don't want you or think they want to consider you for the job they find…

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Soft vs Technical questions in an IT support interview

what I have seemed to notice is that most of the soft questions are generally the same. But when it comes to the technical questions, this differs widely. I have done about 4 interviews since my layoff, all for different types of IT Support positions and the technical questions were all different so they were not that easy to prepare for them from one interview to the next. But I think for the technical questions they don't want to hear a…

I think that is pretty common in most fields Joseph Leibu . The questions will always vary. How do you feel you answered those…

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Ashley Wilson I always feel like I do well but for some reason I don't get the position.

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Entering IT security

I am looking into entering it security I know I'll need special certifications . I'm a military vet and have a bachelors in criminal justice . But with a large family I would like to find a job that I'm not gone all night and sleeping all day. Which is entirely what most of the criminal justice based jobs will be ( leo or corrections) . Wondering if anyone with a cj degree and little to no actually IT experience has ever made the jump, and what…


As a vet myself I know making the transition can be tough. The good part about IT security is that there are more jobs than there…

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How to get started in Networking?

Hello All,
While waiting to begin another career, I am starting another in sales for small to medium business. My lack of knowledge with Networking has stumbled me into getting started. I've always been a private person yet outgoing and energetic with all the opportunities that lay ahead. I do not belong to any organization and never wanted to be. My experience is over 20 plus years in IT professional but the roles are not forthcoming. My comfort…

Something else that I would recommend Margarita Perez Danicek - is to look up local 'Professional Meetups' in your area. A lot of…

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Matt Bornhorst Great! Thanks for the response

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Desperately looking for an entry level I.T job, help desk, desktop support or computer support.

Hi everyone, my name is Patrick. I’ve been taking classes at college and been trying hard to get a job in a career I am persuing, I will be graduating this spring with my associates degree of applied sciences. Majoring in information systems security.
I have tried however for a longtime to apply to jobs and I’ve been told it’s who you know , that’s how you can find a job. I still don’t want to believe that ..
If anyone has anything related…

Check the craigslist for jobs I got my job through Craigslist

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When are we going to be able to get back capable nurses from home today?

Researching other pragmatic nursing fellows (ie.) Europeans, they are solving the shortages of nurses and at the same time as the mined existing nursing skills already in place, these coming back to work professionals who are the pioneers of modern hospital settings and futuristically addressed the necessary changes and IT devices to reduce morbidity and mortality . I have been in the hospital lately and I have to tell you that all I need is a…


It Is Not Interested

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Bridgett Irving He doesn't realize he's being taught by great Jobcaser like you! Don't stop, Ford

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when did the dress code change?

I've been in my field of IT for over 35 years. I've been on the market for the past 11 months after being let go after 20 years with my company. I finally land an interview, age discrimination is rampant believe me, and the interviewer is questioning why I wore a suit and tie to the interview. we spent over 10 mins on this. his stance was no one wears a suit and tie unless the're interviewing at is worth over a billion dollars. I…


You did the right thing. You dress to impress in interviews, regardless of the company's dress code.

I work in IT and the…

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Looking for Entry Level IT Work

I just updated my profile. I'm now back in Northern Virginia, and I'm ready to pursue a career in Information Technology. I'm planning to earn my A+ Certification so I can become better qualified to do what I want in the computer field. My biggest concern at this stage of the game is timing. I'm just one week shy of my 52nd birthday. I'm hoping my age won't have a significant impact on my ability to find what I want in the work force.

Happy early birthday Scott Kennedy : ) Don't let your age be the determining factor in whether or not you get hired! Instead focus…

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i tried entering my phone #it wouldnt take it for some reason

i tried entering my phone # it wouldnt take it dont knpw why

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Finding Security Management Positions

Im having difficulty finding Security Management careers as I dont have any IT experience. Any suggestions?

Hi Bryan Pece ! I found this great article which I think will be helpful : ) Good luck!!

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Ashley Wilson Thanks so much. Ill check it out.

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