Being called into managers office on multi occasions in one day and frequently because people walking by felt intimated, scared, or stated they felt I was unapproachable. Not that I actually did anything to them just how they felt. On multiple occasions, I had to answer to rumors or peoples opinions about who they thought I was. Then I would be warned about how important it was to change the perception. When I asked what did I say or do to…

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Is't for real

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The biggest mistake I made as a #ACCOUNTEXECUTIVE at #INCORPSERVICESINC ...

Not keeping a solid paper trail against the discrimination and bullying.

My advice to people interested in working at #INCORPSERVICESINC as a #ACCOUNTEXECUTIVE ...

Do not apply. Unless you want to be bullied, harassed and lied on it is not worth pay nor the stress that they allow by employees, directors, and management. According to management truth doesn't matter only perception. Employees were told this on several occasions.

What I loved working at #INCORPSERVICESINC

Learning about how entities are set up and how business operations work.


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