Hours cut tremendously, right before the holiday season. I was constantly ridiculed by the bosses to other employees and vice versa. I came to work, did my job and went home. The ridicule came from the boss that horse played with a specific group of the younger boys. The same boys that stood around and did nothing for a large part of the day. Upper management, including HR, did nothing about this. Ultimately, I was fired for attendance because an... see more

@StephenMueller, that sounds awful & I'm sorry you went through it. I'd love to help - can you pls put your... see more

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As a career recruiter, I've dealt with a lot of systems meant to help me sort through the hundreds of applications I might receive for each job. Unfortunately, these systems can make the application process feel like a Black Hole to the job seeker. Here are some tips to get past the ATS:
- Use keywords - look at the job posting and use the exact language that's in the description, including titles & acronyms. Be true to your own experience (don't... see more

Have 2 kids streets tough, i have like 3 felons just need to survive, Can someone please help me out Houston Texas... see more

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I was at a job that I was doing pretty well at up until the point where I caught the flu and was hospitalized due to complications from the flu. I was told that I could not lose my job for being sick. Upon my arrival back to work, they had put my FMLA papers through but by this time I had no more sick time or personal time left to take off because I was hospitalized for a month. I still haven't fully recovered, so I did what I felt was the right... see more

Sorry to hear, this is what really grinds my gears. I believe a person with the flu should not be working. You did... see more

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About three weeks ago I filed a formal complaint to my HR due to the fact that my regional manager was being sexist towards myself for the last 3 to 4 months that I was there as a store manager she would contact the assistant manager instead of me and work side-by-side with him she also pulled me in the office for a two hour conversation basically stating that my assistant manager does not like working with me and was going to hand their keys in... see more

Dear friends and colleagues,

I hope you are all doing well!

I am currently looking for a new job in human resources, and am reaching out to you to ask for help finding a job opportunity in the Jakarta, Indonesia or California, USA area.

Thank you so much for your help! I am so grateful to have such amazing friends.

I look forward to catching up with all of you soon.


Looking for full-time work in human resources. Have 30+ years of experience in Aerospace, Health care and Hospice. Have any suggestions?

How does one build an HR function from the ground up. The basics?

I interviewed with a company I am excited to work with,I met the District Manager first then had phone interviews with Regional manager as well as Regional H.R,the following week the D.M called and we negotiated pay,He welcomed me to the company and even though he was on vacation he would key me into their system for me to watch for the email requesting the drug screen. I have been eagerly checking my email and nothing has come through.It has... see more

I like the job how can I join in your company

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I am at 62 as well. Two years ago I honorably retired after a 35+ years of loyal service as the Human Resources manager of the U.S. Army and Air Force Exchange Service in Europe Region, Turkey. During my entire career in management positions to include retail store manager and operations manager, I gladly and passionately served the U.S. Armed Forces members and their loved ones. I retired because I was given the right by the U.S. Government to... see more

Is anyone having a hard time finding a career with their masters in human resources. They all say need experience but how can you when no one will give you a chance so you can get experience.

Aramark is hiring for custodial services workers for the Met Life stadium in New Jersey! We have multiple positions open! If interested, contact me directly at davis-ambur@aramark.com or click below to apply!


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