I love working in people's home and making it nice and clean and fresh smelling for when they come home they don't have nothing to do but enjoy their nice clean home and relax with refreshing smells And the big plus about working and people's home is you get to work by yourself you have no body over your shoulder telling you what to do and you can focused on your job

Filling out job applications should be fast, easy, and convenient. While most employers are converting their application process to be easy and mobile friendly, it is still worth your time to complete important questions on the application.
1. Be selective with your job experience, but not too selective. Many employers ask for you to provide only relevant job experience, but if that will cause your experience to have large time gaps, be mindful... see more


thanks all congrats

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Embassy Suite is a nice place to work where you can enjoy working with friendly managers , supervisors and co workers

It is the best out of all other places that I have worked. I have done a little bit of everything in the last 17 years. Restaurants, retail, Avon, painting houses, babysitting, and shampoo assistant at salon...My immediate supervisor, executive housekeeping, is an amazing boss to work under. She always makes sure we are all ok, we have everything we need, asks how we are doing, and just legitimately cares about each employee. She always does... see more

Thank you for sharing your experience and advice with the community, Ashley Bays !

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That my clients were satisfied with my performance.

Thanks for sharing Kelly Kidder

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I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and everything else.

Hey Belinda Frye , the Marriott International in Dallas, TX is still hiring entry level and experienced... see more

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Well it.fun for me i love to keep things nice n neat n i also like the people because iam to help them with what ever they nee i like to enjoying myself in cleaning.

That is awesome that you are doing what you enjoy Ramonita Bonilla . How did you get into housekeeping?

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The one in loveland co are the best people to work with try it its a good job

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