My manager is unpredictable--he takes his anger out on his coworkers, myself included. It makes our office a hostile environment. I don't want to speak up since he is my supervisor, but I hate coming to work. Anyone have experience with this?

I don't agree. Move on if your not happy. Life is to short to be miserable . There is always something better.

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I just tripped across this great 60-second spot on youtube that covers what the Follow buttons do for people. Check it out and I am sure you will make clicking that 'follow' button a regular part of of your jobcase experience!

Fred Goff I remember this video! Great job Nicholas Leonard : ) I like to follow those on Jobcase who inspire me... see more

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I got into teaching late in my career. And by late I mean late 30's early 40's. I went back to school in 2008 to finish my undergad (was 36 at the time) and told myself I wanted to finish before I was 40. Which I did in 2011. The week after I completed my undergrad I immediately started my Masters in Education Curriculum & Instruction program while working a full time 40 hour a week job AND doing my student teaching all at the same time... see more

I've seen blatant age discrimination within many high profile organizations, from the inside as an employee, and on... see more

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I worked for asplundh tree expert company for four days shy of 15 years.two utility companies that we worked for in this area were or are going to merge. Kansas City power & light do not utilize the Union work planners. so what Asplundh does is brings in one of those subsidiary companies and then a bunch of freshly graduated high school or college kids seasonal end up doing the work planners spot.
Okay now for the wrongful termination.
I was... see more

I'd sue their butt!

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So my bf works 10hrs Mon-Thur overtime if he works on fri. He has been there for over a year no benefits except insurance, he knows how to do everything at his job. It's a very physical job. The start off pay is very low about 40 people have been hired and quit within a day because the pay is so low for as much physical labor there is. Now the human resource manager is always shorting his checks a couple hrs. She also got mad because they brought... see more

Before getting a lawyer and all that shit with taking him to court you should first get some visual or audio... see more

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I work at Dollar Tree and have been asking to process freight for about a year. I have watched the manager put people ahead of me, hire family members which is against policy rules and push them ahead of me. I finally was allowed to do freight only to have it jerked out from underneath me with the excuse that we are over on hours. So I get cut in hours. Meanwhile, when I should have been able to work, she gives the hours to a cashier to do my... see more

Don't be concerned about getting anyone else into trouble. If the store mgr. Told u that the dem would have to... see more

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My boss is a major prude and it’s pissing me right the hell off. He was brought up super sheltered and he thinks anything that’s even somewhat sexual is absolutely gross and unacceptable. It’s not like me or my coworkers ever discuss sex itself, but if we bring up our boyfriends or girlfriends in front of our boss he goes and tells us how wrong it is that we didn’t wait until marriage. Um. Ok? How is that your business?

And it’s not like... see more

i agree 100%

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I start working at this fast food place which is owned by Franchises, I've been there for 7 months now. My job supposed to be on training for G.M. cut the story short, I'm stuck closing every night, my schedule will be so ridiculously that no days or mid , while my supervisor and the other assistant manager can get the comfortable schedule, they always get off 2p.m. or 5p.m. and besides that, I will be working in every holiday... see more

retail sucks

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Wal-Mart at its best
Injuries under the rug
Last year I got injured at work (pulled a muscle on my lower back ) I went to make an incident report when store manager Marie Shore told me she would approve me going home for the night and put ice on my back. I told her I was really hurting but she wasn't interested or concerned about my injury because then she then said our store has gone accident free for 100 days and I was going to cost my... see more

These hoodlums and the Human resources at Safeway should be fired too. hopefully

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I started working at iHop 5 days ago and new managers had switched stores with the managers that used to work for my store.
Anywho, I was still training until one of the new managers came in and told me that I'm through with training (even though the training period lasts at least 5 days and I wasn't ready to be on the floor by myself) and that I'm being put on the floor. I still wasn't familiar with the kiosks and the menu... he stated that HIS... see more

You can write up the situation and hang in there and go for it, go cold turkey and just do the best you can. You... see more

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Hello Jobcasers,

I have seen a few posts as of late regarding people feeling they are being discriminated against.

I am not here to tell you that you are or are not being discriminated against; I am here to tell you that you need to record (to the best of your ability) your experiences at each stage of the hiring process. I also highly recommend you keep a copy of the job description and the resume/job application used to apply.

Do your... see more

I have been looking for work I'm 71 I use to be a guard in Las Vegas and I lost it cause I don't have dentures

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Joyçe Griggs The AARP job board is especially for older workers:

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