I'm looking for a job

Hi marcoven mary , you're in Luck but you have to act fast. The Home Depot store on 550 Hamilton Ave, Brooklyn, NY... see more

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Immaculate Okoye You have to click on the Home Depot logo to apply.

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Define Your Life By Setting Goals

Goals are what take us forward in life; they are the fuel to our journey. It is very important that we realize the significance and importance of goal-setting and apply this practice in our life.

Goals are a conscious decision you make to help you clearly define and understand where you are and where you want to be. Setting goals gives you a defined purpose and a road-map to get there.

This article will try... see more


Agreed and a sm goal beats no goals at all

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Can anybody tell me the status of my application that I submitted online 60 days ago for Home Depot for 45 days sorry

Hi Richard Bradford , fyi... you can check your HD application status and other related employment info via your... see more

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I'm trying to find my application number for Home Depot can anyone tell me how to do that

Hi Clara Hill , go back to the Home Depot career page and select 'Returning User' at the top right of the page... see more

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i was number one in the district for credit in the smallest store in the disctrict that speaks volume that means every customer i come in contact with im offering credit well i was terminated by a district h.r manager that has it out for me i called the aware line and reported her and my store .manager for denying me my fmla rights i have for my autistic daughter shortly after im being investigated out of the blue saying i gave discounts to... see more

It sounds like you were really good at the job, I'm sorry to hear what happened Kimberley Childs . Are you looking... see more

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Matt Bornhorst i am and thanks

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I'm a Ghanaian from Ghana West Africa and completing high school I had the opportunity to work with an engineering firm for a Telecom company called Vodafone... I was an indoor technician for their then Microwave 3G project in 2012 but I had no certification because I learnt by sight from ma brother. It's not been so long I came to America and I should say I like it here and currently working with the Home Depot but I would love to find myself in... see more


Edward Yeboah Before I suggest this course of action, please allow me to add I do not generally condone incentives... see more

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Dennis Costea Jr. Thanks for the reply sir ... And thats what I'm looking to get someone here who knows smone to be... see more

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i leared a lot a how to work with people

How do you think you learned how to work with a bunch of people Allen Mcintosh ? Any stories from your home depot... see more

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64109 Highway 1090, Pearl River, LA 704523232

I'm interested in a job here at Jubilee foods , I'm five minutes away from you guys , I Currently have retail experience with Home Depot and before that I have 1 Year worth of offshore experience, I recently filled out an application and it would be amazing if you guys would Review it and contact me . Have A Blessed Day Mr.Steve Fecke

Hi Alton Percle , thanks for sharing your interest in Jubilee Foods employment opportunities. Please use the kink... see more

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6 Home Depot stores in Maryland will host #Hiring Events on Tuesday, September 18, between 9a - 4p. Excellent event to meet face to face with department Managers and discuss immediate employment opportunities! See store location information below...

> Home Depot (Store 2501) - 601 New Ordnance Rd, Glen Burnie, MD 21060

> Home Depot (Store 2571) - 210 Ft Meade Road, Laurel, MD 20724

> Home Depot (Store 2575) - 9051 Snowden River Pkwy, Columbia... see more

Me interesa. Home Depot

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At the Tampa Airport ,Don’t I know you from somewhere? My picture had been in many newspaper advertisements at the time. LOL

When I started what I liked most is we felt like family and going to Home Depot did not feel like work it was a way of life bleeding orange became natural. People working in the stores new what they where doing and can advise you on any project with confidence by the phone. I was one of those people.

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