Need a job? They're hiring!

The holiday season is a GREAT time of year to find a job! Why? Well, because employers are looking for their next great hires, especially around the holidays!

Here are some great companies currently hiring right now!

Click the link to apply for a job that is perfect for you : )









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Hello !!
FedEx is Bad company security because refuse give you that why you never know this FedEx
I m lost Box from my friend…

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Don't forget...

Sometimes the holidays and job searching can leave you feeling down.

So don't forget that...

YOU are awesome.

YOU can do anything you set your mind to.

YOU are stronger than you think.

YOU have something to offer that NO one else does.

YOU alone have the power to make a better tomorrow.

YOU can do this!

Still feeling those holiday or job search blues?

Check out how to handle them in this post.

-Do you ever feel down this time of year?


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Feeling blue?

Getting through the holiday season with an uplifted spirit is sometimes difficult when you’re unemployed and feeling those holiday blues.

Here are three ways to help you stay positive during your holiday job hunt!

1- Find sources of encouragement and empower yourself
Check out some great motivational quotes. You can print them out and place them on your fridge, in your car, or where ever you want. You also can watch a brief Ted Talk to uplift…


Someone's actually thinking about us!Dreaded holidays, though my joy comes from seeing the looks and smiles on everyone's face, I…

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@KomekiaSutter, Of course, we are thinking of you! : ) I believe that most of us feel that holiday exhaustion at one point or…

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Are you looking for a job?

Check out the following tips to help you land a job this holiday season!

- Don’t slow down
It's important as the holidays draw near NOT to put your job searching on pause. Employers are hiring NOW more than ever and there may even be less competition from other job seekers this time of year. Check out these 8 companies who are hiring.

- A perfect time to network
If there is a holiday party or event when you can connect with people who can…


Excellent, Thanks!

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Douglas Watts You are so welcome, Douglas! I hope you are able to land a job soon : ) Happy holidays!

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3 holiday job search tips you won't want to miss!

Despite what you may have heard, the holidays can actually be a good time of year to find a job! Employers don't stop hiring just because it's the holiday season, and for those who do keep searching and applying, the additional opportunities are worth the effort.

Check out the following 3 tips this holiday job search season!

1- Don’t slow down
Some people tend to give up job searching as the holidays draw near. Don't be one of them! Employers…

I want to try that THIRD one!!! Hmmmmm a card, interesting. Anyone do that before?

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Yeah I sent a thank you card after an interview before not around the holidays tho. They emailed me and said they loved how…

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