I am 55. The only work I’ve been able to get are housekeeping. Which I did for 12 years, self employed. Can’t even get those jobs anymore because the market is flooded. I’ve had interviews at stores like Ross, where I actually worked before, group interviews with 3 or 4 college aged children and I have experience and one hour later got an email saying no thank you. Which means the 25 year old managers hired the 18 year olds. With no experience... see more

Thanks for information. I was hesitating applying there and now I'm not.
What is your position at Amazon?

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Artificial Intelligence Changes Employment

We have been hearing a lot about Artificial Intelligence over the past several years. Some experts predict that AI will eliminate half of all jobs that require humans. Yet, others say that we have nothing to fear, because AI may rid many jobs, but it will also create new employment opportunities.

According to a new Brookings Institution report, robots aren’t replacing everyone, but a quarter of U.S... see more


Well we in the 21st century computers and machines are the new age of the workforce absolutely right that humans... see more

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I finally got word today TSA approved me for my HM, Now the test!! studied for mo. I got this GREAT NWS ON MY WAY yippppp!!

Awesome News renee Lavoie , Congrats!

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A few weeks ago, probably around a month or so ago, I was hired. However, I have not heard about when I am scheduled to come in or when I should start working. I think I was hired in September. I completed my background check and paperwork. I even went through training and got the uniforms for work a few weeks ago.

I've been trying to contact HR but I haven't had much luck. Should I drop by and ask? I'm afraid that I might come off as too clingy... see more

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I went over there a few days ago and got my schedule.

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I'm extremely excited to start my new job soon at Casey's General Store and I also start my firefighting testing on November tenth! Just thankful things are looking up!

congrats all thanks all

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I will keep this short, but I have been on here since being laid off since March of this year. I assumed the job search would not be as difficult as I have experience in Telecom/IT. I was wrong. I admit I did get some offers to contract, but they were out of state and I could not work those positions as I am a single father and my youngest son just entered high school. I finally got a position with Delta Global Services (DGS). It is subsidiary of... see more


Thank you for the encouragement sir. I've been unemployed since mid September. I've had interviews and have been... see more

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I have been reading here on Jobcase that sometimes we have to take a job that may not be what we wanted, but it is what we need right now. My daughter is the only one working. We are in a real financial tight spot. I have been applying online only to be ignored or ghosted. A few days ago I drove by a business where I used to work. They were hiring. I went in today and got immediately hired! Even if it is cold calling to set appointments and I... see more

Your story is the same as mine so glad I read this yes my baby goes to work at 6am every morning school full-time... see more

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I was hired for a job, and when filling out the background check waiver, I was asked if I had been convicted within the last year. Which I had not, it’s been 15 years. After the background check was conducted, the job offer was rescinded, and I was told even though it only asked for a year , they run a 10 year check anyway. Can they do this?

Wooooooo..u are hot

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The site says, All things for all current and past employees of UPS. I have never worked their, but I am really excited about the hiring process so far. Both interviews, phone (Calin Obrien) and in person went very well. The in person (Sara) in Cody, WY was one of the best interviews I have ever been to. Very informative, answered all my question openly and honestly. With real talk that I could relate to. Asked questions of me in the same manner... see more

So when do you start? That tells you how well it went. I'm just saying. If not on the spot, then no...

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Got a job love the people working there worked fo four days and then was told to take a couple days off is that normal to do at a new job let me now

Depends on the job type (FT or PT) and schedule rotations they use. Are you back on the schedule after the two... see more

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Finally got a job am okay with. Good overtime

Awesome News Q Q , Congrats!

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