I need a job in cartersville!!!


Will any job do Annastasia Earwood ? Allied Universal is hosting several hiring events in your area, see https://jo... see more

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Good Organization Begins At Home

No matter who you are, we can all benefit from being more organized. If you practice good organizational skills, you will immediately see improvements in all areas of your life.

A good place to start organizing, is the space that you live in, whether that be your apartment or home. No doubt, being organized offers a slew of benefits. It gives you peace of mind, saves you money (you don't have to buy something... see more


Patrick Coppedge , these are such AMAZING tips! Thank you so much for sharing with us. I agree that organizing your... see more

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Hey Patrick Coppedge , I thought you'd like to know that I went home after work yesterday, threw on my favorite... see more

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Hello I am a hard working single mom looking for a morning job deal with people my resume is amazing I am really good with people so front desk, assistant , secretary , customers service and I also have manger experience and I don't mind cashier deli prep in the homestead area no farther then south miami also the keys willing to travel #Hardworker #earlymornings #StoreManager #manger #OfficeAssistant #OfficeClerk


Hi guys,

Just wanted to share with you what happened to me. I am new in New York. I have been working in Asia for 10 years of my life. Have had good paying solid jobs but when I came to New York, I started from scratch. I graduated Major in Information Technology, but I havent used my skills because the job opportunities that came back then were call center jobs. So in NY, I got accepted for a job of IT Helpdesk Admin. I am very grateful that... see more

Hi, I arrive to work on time. I'm a hard worker. I like to stay busy. I don't drink.
I don't smoke.

I like to wait on people. I can make friends easy. I have a smile ready all the time.

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Worked really hard was always on time did extra stuff for my boss came in early when people wouldn't come to work always to the spot of people that didn't show

I'm a very hard worker with an excellent work ethic and I'm currently unemployed and desperately seeking employment. I would like a full time management or assistant management position but will take (almost) anything I am offered.

Hello Darlene,
So glad you could be a part of our Jobcase community! I did a search in your area and found some... see more

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Hello, Genevieve
Thank you for taking the time to show me the job opportunities in my area. I've have looked... see more

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I am very interested in learning new trades, and or trades I've worked with prior. I am very dependable, motivational, hardworking, and focused. If you want a positive, young, motivated, hardworking and even thorough worker then I can very well be your guy. I am always seeking higher education, promotional to become an asset to a company, and nevertheless a great person to work around or with.
#Hardworker #motivational #success #Versatile #workfo... see more

Today must be Share your Elevator Pitch day in the community. Awesome statement Mr. Holbrook!!! Have you ever... see more

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thanks marcus, i really appreciate the information. typically i dont expect much of a job offer doing a post like... see more

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Well I am a single mother of 4 children and I'm looking for any job available. But i have no degrees or license for anything i am a hard working woman though my whole life i have worked for my father doing septic, plumbing etc, but I'm ready to start a new career. I'm 28 so if anyone could help me find a new career or just a job i would be grateful i just need help being pointed in the right direction.

Hello Miranda,
What are some of you're career interest? There are 2 retailers currently hiring in within your area... see more

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Ready to work today!!!!


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Are you in needed of your own personal shopper? You got the right person for the job. I'll take care of all your shopping, errands, house chores, and help with the children . I'm here to leaned you that extra hand to take alot off your daily load. I'm a very lovable, caring, motivated, reliable, fun, creative and trustworthy person. Let me know if I can be any assistance to you, your family, or your office family. Area of location Greensboro NC -... see more

Hi Frances,
Have you thought about listing this on thumbtack.com? Lots of people go to that site when they are... see more

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Hello Alyssa, Yes ma'am I've got a listing on thumbtack.com but no luck on there.

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