Good Advice from a Career Coach

This is WHY you are NOT invited for any job interview!

You respond to job ads all day long but NEVER hear a word back!

Almost every day I hear from clients:
Roland, I constantly apply for jobs, but nothing! What's wrong with me?

Nothing WRONG with you!
When you understand the rules of the job search game, you will be a better player.

These are the main reasons why YOU are not getting invitations
for #jobinterviews:

  1. Your CV doesn't tailor…

Thank you for sharing your advice Santucee Bell !

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Malcolm Ogden you are welcome. A friend actually shared this on Linkedin. I thought others on here would benefit from the advise…

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How satisfied are you with your job?

Some people wake up and dread their way to work..thinking about how much they are unsatisfied with their job and all the reasons why they do what they do. While others wake up everyday wishing they have a job to go thru. Kept trying but keep failing. Why is it the ones that want work can’t work? And the ones that work hated work??

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I am not satisfied because I have no job and still looking 4 one unemployment with no money what you think could happen

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Bullying Bosses

Would someone please explain to me how a “manager” who is totally inept in his job and who flat out bully’s his staff is allowed to get away with it, while the people being bullied get fired? I’m just amazed this behavior isn’t illegal. The way I was treated was so blatant it was an ongoing joke in the office there were (2) sets of rules, one for everyone else and another for me. When I brought any of it to HR he would totally lie and twist my…

This is the same reason I left my job, now I'm looking for something new.

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HR advise if any pls , located in California

Finally the offer letter
.. after so long searching .

..... so less than verbally told, OK - I can live with $71k..... But can someone give me advise [want an opinion from someone not as emotionally attached to this as I am ]

How would you or would you even ask for 2 weeks vacation (my vacation yearly is in Australia or New Z to visit my parents and 1 week is not enough as travel time is 14 hrs each direction do I need 2). I do not like the…


Hi H nunez ! Well first off CONGRATS that is amazing!! I would take the job and then speak to someone. It does say that they are…

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Ashley Wilson as soon as i take the job I am the HR Director .. interetinh4ha!!! MY boss will be the president, yikes.

I am…

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The system is broken.

I was recently sent on an interview that I had sent my resume in for after carefully considering all the job details and qualifications. I received a call from an HR representative stating that they liked my qualifications and wanted to set up an interview with person X & Y followed by a interview with hiring manager Z. HR then called me back and stated that hiring manager Z was out of town that week and there would need to be a follow interview…

Move foward

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Honest (Tough Love) Feedback -- Can You Handle It?

Hi there. I'm relatively new to Jobcase (I'm an HR manager, and I do all of the recruiting for the company for which I work, so I'm on here looking for potential job candidates). I know Jobcase is supposed to be about community and lifting people up (in addition to being a job resource), but I BEG you to look at your posts from an employer perspective. What do employers see on here? People whining, complaining about their former employers…

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Miss Jennifer can I have your email

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My steps toward finally getting back into the work force after surviving a stroke and brain surgery last year.

I suffered a spinal stroke last year while driving home from work. A spinal stroke is basically when matter, in my case, a blood clot travels from spin to brain causing the actual stroke. Doctors said a sudden rise in my blood pressure could have and was likely the reason the blood clot from the back of my neck decided to move. That made sense to me as my then, current employment situation was extremely stressful. I was working with 16-25 year…

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I am so glad to hear that your health is progressing Tisha Skipworth but so sad that it happened in the first place. I am sure…

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Wtf Entry-level

So I've recently graduated with a master's in management, in total I've spent 5 years in school, 4 in undergrad and 1 in grad school. I held a labor relations internship for 3 months, it was more of an externship. During the intern/externship I began to garner an interest in Human Resources. I've been applying to entry-level positions and majority of the positions I've come across require 2-5 years of experience in HR, how is that entry-level? I…

Hey Da'Qeayce Swain - I'm gonna let you in on a bit of secret - apply anyway to those jobs. While they would prefer someone with…

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am I too old?

700 resumes later and still Mo full time work. At age 48, tell me, am I just being bypassed because I'm pleasingly plump and 48 years old? Doesn't matter the years of experience now..this is I put myself back into school taking a Human Resource course. Needless to say one test took 45 minutes for me to pass! Lollol. Anyone else out there experiencing the same thing? Restless in MD...

Yes!, The issue can be your resume however you could possible be discriminated about your weight and age. Ever notice…

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This could be a great lead-in question!

Lois, I really liked this question the writer offered near the end of the article: What does it take for an employee to succeed in this position/company?

I feel this could be an excellent lead-in question to ask, when the HR person or hiring manager says, So, what can we tell you about us? As they trot out their best stuff, you can be building your case for why you're a great fit with their idealized description,(if you truly feel you are!) and

That is a great point Ed Ausmus - nice one picking up on it. Having good lead-in questions for an interview where you know how you…

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looking for a job

I need a job in Travel and Tourism industry. I have ust completed my Diploma in Travel and Tourism management plus Galileo. I just need an entry level job. HELP. #HR #jobsearch #TRAVEL&TOURISM #JOBS #Tourism #INTERNSHIP

Have you tried searching for one using the jobs and companies tab Zintle sozoyi ?

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