I started my job at the Census Bureau

I absolutely love it it is for a receptionist Clerk and it pays weekly. They are still hiring so if anyone is interested the website is 2020census.gov/jobs to fill out an application. It is informative and very laid back. It is temporary until August of 2020. I hope to gain valuable job skills from this opportunity.

What are there requirements?

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Crafting Your Elevator Pitch

An effective elevator pitch contains clear language that your listener understands and is personalized for the intended audience.

I have composed an outline below designed to help you craft your pitch and have included mine as an example. Once you customize your pitch, practice it until it rolls off your tongue smooth as ice...

Elevator Pitch Structure: 15-20 second verbal business card.

  1. Summary label (professional definition).
  2. Where you've…

How do I start

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To all JobCasers

I just finished my first day at the Census Bureau, 2020census.gov/jobs It is the easiest job I have ever had. Anyone interested should apply because they are hiring all the way through 2020. They train you to do everything so as long as you can apply and get hired they will train you. People if you are concerned about ageism than you definitely need to apply. It is temporary, however, it could be a stepping stone to other departments in the…


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Got the job

Got the corrections officer job. Applied for Level 1 thy wanted me as a Level 3 was not happy about that bumped me down to a level 2 and bumped my salary $5000 a year. YAY



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Now hiring! the US Census Bureau!

The 2020 Census is approaching, and the government is hiring for a variety of positions! Opportunities are available throughout the US and Puerto Rico. For information and to apply: https://2020census.gov/en/jobs

This is a full-time or part-time job?

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WE are living in the years of the 2000 .Ok.

Someone you have to pay back.?
The government needs his moneyTOO. I need money too $$$. WOW.
Let me put on my thinking cap.

Yo what does this even mean?

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Florida :: Child Protective Investigator Career Opportunities

Florida Department of Children and Families
CPI Career Opportunity Children in crisis need quick action from strong, compassionate individuals dedicated to ensuring their safety. Child Protective Investigator duties and responsibilities are as follows.
Starting Salary: $35,640
Note: No applicant may begin employment until the background screening results are received, reviewed for any disqualifying offenses, and approved by the Agency.

Thank you for sharing Steven Ransom !

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Career change

Turns out the NC Dept of Public Dafety is hiring big time. Tons of openings for Correction Officers. Giving up corporate americafor govt job. Pay is ehh but the benefits easy $20,000 a yr. Interview next Wed cant wait. You can take these staffong companies and stick em

I think it's incredible that you are switching to a career that you are more interested in Andrienne Jackson and wish you the best…

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What am I doing wrong?

Hi everyone, just a little rant and advice request.

I am looking for employment in all fields related to my degrees, and I am yet unable to find a job. I have a few months left before my savings run out and end up in the streets. I am a 25 years old Oregonian, have two degrees in Political Science and Russian language. I speak a total of 5 languages, two fluently and three advanced with certifications. I have three and a half years working for…

You are young and have your whole life ahead of you - and you have an outstanding start and background - just follow the advice…

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Need Interview advice!

My situation is complicated. I worked for the government for 28 years and held 5 similar positions all promotions. 3 years ago there was a huge change in management and employee retirements both elective and forced. I loved my career until the new director came on board. She made my life miserable but I stuck it out until!!! The part I'm legally bound to not disclose is what I need advice on...Ive heard many times from Recruitors to tell…

Tell them a very vague answer like new management took over and leave it at that . Most employers will not ask anything else if…

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US Postal Jobs (Hiring)

postal exam / Salary Scale
Starting Salary is $72,391 a Year.


Starting Salary is $72,391 per year? For which position? What are the requirements? FACT CHECK!!!

The average starting pay is…

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