Answered Prayer! God is good!

It's been 9 months now since I lost my job. I am a single mother with a son in college and it's been very challenging. I finally got a job offer after only 5 face to face interviews and 100's of applications. I am so thankful that My God provided for me and kept me in his hand. I prayed everyday and gave him thanks for a better opportunity and he did just that even though my bank is very low, I am so grateful. So to all of you who feels like…

He made you wait till you hit 100 applications to get you a job?

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Gratitude: The Trait That Defines Perspective

Hey Jobcasers,

Today I'd like to talk about something that seems a little difficult in our search for the next best employment opportunity: Gratitude.

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most difficult things to muster up during a rigorous and harrowing experience such as unemployment, homelessness, and similar events, but I would argue that it is perhaps the most important thing to muster up--more than hope, more than tenacity, more than even…

Timely and important post Gage. I think we all naturally tend to focus on the negative emotions associated with being unemployed-…

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Hello everyone

I got a job a job at the Hampton inn doing house keeping they pay $7.75 in hour I am traveling 25 mins there and back home 5 days a week I am wondering if it is worth keeping or found another job.

Find another job bc

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Thank You Lord❣️

FINALLY, FINALLY, I’ve been looking since Feb and just now found a job! A good one at that! Brings to mind that ole gospel song “He may not come when you want Him, but He’ll be there right on time”. I can’t thank Him enough!


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I finally found an awesome place to work with!!

I have taken an Executive Recruiting position with Top Gun Staffing Incorporated. These folks are awesome! I am helping others find their career with long term stability. If anyone out has an engineering, controls technician, manufacturing, automotive, technical type skill set, please send me a resume and let’s get you moving forward!

Congrats!Staffing agencies are great, especially the one I worked at in NYC! :-)

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Finally got a job!!!!

Yasss! Had an interview Wednesday and got the call back today that I got the job!!! Finally! Not the best position but after not working for a few years, anything will help and I'm so stoked to get started!!

Congrats Jessica , The same thing happen to me I went Tuesday and got he call Wednesday Thank God for the both of us.

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Good even everyone just wanted to let everyone know I got a job been working for three weeks. I didnt want to go back to being a DSP but I Thank God for doirscopening for me.

That is great news. Congratulations. Wish you the best.

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Happy got a job today

So happy got me a dishwasher job 11 dollars an hour start Sunday night but still looking close to my house

Great news

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Happy as heck

I am now officially a chilihead did my paperwork today orientation Wed. Thank God long time coming so happy still looking something else to home

Congratulations on your new job!!!

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I have finally been hired!!

I have been sending out resumes since May of last year and I finally landed a job that doesn't need one! Since I have been out of any kind of real work since I got off active duty to take care of our girls, I've had to rebuild my work history. So I really don't mind that the job is a warehouse job. The pay is decent (i.e., much better than nothing), and I have a chance to finish my degree in Paralegal Studies and my certificate in IT Tech…

Hi .you should thank to our GOD to hiring and mut pray .I hop good chance for you .thank you

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Hired after 13 month search!!!

Hey I finally got hired after searching for almost a year. I went thru my savings and am in debt, but not for long. I had applied for more than 500 jobs. I even applied to out of state jobs and after apt of aggravation and feeling hopeless I finally got hired. I thought it would never happen and yet it did. I currently live in Washington but will be relocating to Atlanta Georgia. The pay is way more than I expected. I had to pay out of pocket for…

Sounds great! Congratulations!

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