I got the job......but...

Got offered a position! They just sent me a bunch of forms. One of which is a questionnaire about my medical history. I was just hospitalized for cardiac issues but am on the mends now. I also have to say yes to diabetes. Will this cause me this offer? Please help. I am freaking out!

No need to freak out. Honestly, will your medical issues interfere with the performance of your duties at this job? If not, then…

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What Does Memorial Day Mean To You?

Memorial Day is a day full of remembering our loved ones whom we lost who have served - friends, family, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, brothers & sisters - and on this day, we honor each and every person who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I asked some of us here at Jobcase to share what Memorial Day means to them. Here’s what they said:

Ashley: “To me, Memorial Day is a day for admiration towards those that made the ultimate sacrifice for…


A day of appreciation and remembrance of the soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coasties of the U.S. armed forces who gave…

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I must say that I had really become frustrated with putting in applications, having phone interviews, as well as face to face interviews. I’ve been praying for God to open a door and give the finances to relocate to be close to my family. I interviewed for a job on Tuesday and on Wednesday they called and offered me a salary position with more money than I originally asked for. I just thank God for opening this door for me and my family!

God bless you on this new journey! My prayers are with you.

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This 52 year old finally got hired!

After 3.5 grueling months I finally landed a job at a position I was searching for. I was starting to think my age was a factor in not getting hired. Then I got the call from the place I was really hoping for telling me that I have the position if I wanted it. They preceded to tell me they love that I’m not a millianial and I will have a forever job if I wanted it to be. Let’s see first day is next Monday. Wish me luck.

Got. A. Job. After. 2. Year. And. 5. Months

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I left the first job because it just wasn't right for me. So I ventured out on my own and applied, I went thru the requirements and they said they wanted to see me walk back thru the door. I appeared and was hired. It was a slow start but my hours are starting to pick up, they're flexible with my needs and I'm working in my field of expertise....home healthcare. I'm very happy and the clients love me. I see a future with this agency.

Good luck wish you the best I'm sure you'll be great at it

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I just took the Postal Service Exam today and passed in the high percentile. It has an 80-90% failure rate. Let's see what happens next!!!

I have no interest in working for the post office but I am curious how I would do on that exam! :)

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I landed the job

I've been in Philadelphia since December and i had been looking for work. I go on a job interview but as i walk in the power goes out! I knew instantly to just keep going. So i sign in and ask where the stairwell is. I look at my paper it says the 12th floor. So i proceed to walk the flights of steps and i stop on the 5th floor because im tired. I open the door because i was about to give up. I look around and realize the elevators are still down…

Good for you that you didn't give up and congratulations!!

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Dee L Y Thank you

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A long hard road...

I was laid off almost a year ago. Because I had been there so long, I had 30 weeks of severance coming to me. I took sometime off to enjoy my granddaughters and started looking hard for a job in July. I received more rejections then interviews. One of my husband's customers told him about the company he works for. I applied in December and again in late January. I received a call in February for an interview. I got the job. I'm so excited, I…

Sir /Madam I have passed B.A. Ll.B G DC&A Deploma I am an Advocate And Auditor in Maharashtra i am practising insession…

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I accepted a new position!!!

Hi guys! Turns out my firing a month ago was the best thing that could've happened to me! Looks like consulting is big now and it's very lucrative! I'm going to be making over double what I was making with less stress!

That is great news! Can I borrow some money :)

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I just applied for the job yesterday and got a call today for a interview tomorrow

Good Times! Now going to that interview and rock their world. Remember, that job is yours. Own it!

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I got a job

Well I FINALLY got a job in my field. But it’s $7 less in the hour than what I was making. SO I know beggars can’t be choosy but I already feel like a whipped dog , and this is a huge blow to the ego and wallet.



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