I loved that #Goodwill offers its employees...

I looked forward to the 20% employee discount.

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Yes, you can be hired at 58 (or any age)!...

I thought my fellow Jobcasers would be encouraged reading this story:

A few weeks ago, I received an email as I was found through an online search to see if I would be interested in a newly created position. I did a quick check of the organization, was impressed and replied back.

In turn, I received a reply, had a phone screen, was asked to go in for a first interview, a second interview and then a third interview. I met with 8 people total. A…

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Start looking right before your doctor releases you to go back to work.

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What I loved working at #Goodwill

To me Goodwill was a home away from home. I mean the people and employees always made you feel wanted. Just a cozy place to work.

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I cannot say the same. The Goodwill Job Connection in Salem treated us like slaves. They kept pushing us to make the numbers, in a…

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Some important skills you need to be successful at #Goodwill are

Team player, friendly, helpful, courteous, doing a job well done and always see your supervisor if you have a problem or issue.

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UPDATED employer list for the March 5th job fair!

Here are some of the employers you can expect to see at the Cincinnati job fair NEXT WEEK on Tuesday, March 5th from 1:00pm - 4:00pm.

Located at: The Cintas Center
1624 Herald Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45207

We suggest you take a peek and then look into each company to see which positions they are currently offering. While you are on their website take a few moments to check out their mission as well as any past employee reviews.

This will help you…

Yes on a area we have cousle the rout for something new

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Drama at #Goodwill

I can honestly say, I've never had an employee or customer upset. I was Loved by all and vice versa I Loved them All.

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Drama at #Goodwill

I still do in vidalia ga i want to move back to Greenville sc

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What I love about working at #Goodwill

I get to say I'm a photographer like I planned when I was younger.

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Career Opportunity

Goodwill Industries of San Francisco is Hiring!! All Warehouse Jobs!! pay raises!! job training!! Career growth and development!! #southsanfrancisco #goodwill #careerchange #WarehouseJob

Hi i am srilnka boy i wont job

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What I loved working at #Goodwill

Some of the customers and employees

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