Are there any openings for the Amazon warehouse in Macon Ga ? I have been trying to apply for a job since it opened.

Have GED, kids grown, construction skills

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This morning was a rough one… I missed my train, left my bagel in the toaster AND spilled coffee all over my brand new pants. YIKES! All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow.

But, I made a promise to myself that 2020 would be a year of personal growth and positivity which means every Monday counts! So, I whipped out my Tide To-Go pen, poured a new cup of coffee and headed into work with a smile.

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Am working but have a fallen arch in my foot and still want a job that makes me feel more challenged

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I’m planning to relocate to Georgia. If anyone has valuable advice about housing, jobs, community, I will greatly appreciate and consider all which is advised.

Im 19 years old , and no expiercence due to focusing on school through my highschool years..
Ive done babysitting but thats about it .
I live in acworth georgia , and not alot of places like the fact that im 19 yet haven't had a job.
Im ready to work ! & super hardworking and determined. Any recommendations? advice ?

Try your local Walmart that’s where you can start retail

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I was sent to Louisiana at my last job place we stayed there a week and when we got back the guy that rode with us back to Georgia apparently told his boss that I called him the n word that offends African Americans this is totally wrong we had a good time there I was very nice to this boy and I have no idea why he would say such a thing I'm not a racist and I do not judge people by their color or any other way everyone is equal they fired me on... see more

Well calling him boy don't help if he's a grown man.Sorry u lose your job I was fired from a job I loved because he... see more

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Food Service Lead Worker - Georgia Gwinnett College:

Cook - Oglethorpe University:

Barista - Georgia Gwinnett College:

Lead Cook - Tampa Convention Ctr:

Lead Cook - Pricewaterhouse Coopers:


I currently live in ohio. I've been doing unarmed sercurity for 4years trying to find an sercurity job in atlanta before I make that move.


Hi Darlene,

While not impossible, finding a job before you make a move is not super easy.

A lot of this has to do... see more

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So everyone hates driving in Georgia. So I will share what happened to me. Westbound on I20 heading from Atlanta to Alabama. Traffic was getting congested. At approximately the 26 mm you have a sign that says right lane exit only ahead. Just passed that sign you have another sign on the over pass that said all trucks over 6 wheels use two right lanes. Since I knew the right lane was exiting off, I used the left lane to pass everyone. Keep in... see more

That's why my kids made me get a GPS it tells me where to go and I can cuss it out and not have to appologise

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do you have any work from home jobs in Atlanta Georgia

Dreamer Kidd -- Consumer advisor Clark Howard maintains a list of legitimate work-from-home opportunities on his... see more

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Need to know if this work from home apply to Atlanta Georgia

Try Concentrix Shawanda Lumpkins . Just click on the link below to go right the companies employment site and apply... see more

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Hello i just made a move to Atlanta and im in the Clayton county area is there any call center jobs available in this area or Morrow?

Hi Ramona Underwood , Stericycle has several immediate hire Call Center Client Service Representative job opening... see more

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