Curious what job everyone applied to today


Just explain your lapse of employment the same way you did here.

Shouldn't have any problems.

I think your bigger... see more

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dian sanderson Thank You.

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Not signing a contract with the owner.

Ooof. How did that end up for you Jeff McArthur ?

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Watch out for shady business practices, and get a pay schedule in writing.

Good to know, and probably good advice for anyone looking to work at a small business. Did something happen Jeff... see more

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Houston, TX area Taco Bell locations are hosting #hiring parties this month (April 22-26) between the hours of 3-5pm throughout each location, (See full list of Houston area Taco Bell locations below).

Employment opportunities include, (Team Members, Shift Leads, Assistant General Managers, General Managers, & More!). Interested applicants are welcome to go directly to Taco Bells career page and apply online before heading out to a party!


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Looks like a lot of jobs for our Texan Jobcasers!! Thanks for spreading the info around Nelson Franco

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