I was tricked in my interview. I was told I was getting interviewed to do Massage Therapy. I ended up getting hired for front desk, which it's okay because I do have experience. But as I worked there, I realized how immature everyone was. How unsympathetic the Doctor really is. I was shocked. I had an anxiety attack and literally had to leave the work place. Never happend to me in my life. Lesson learned.

I could say something to you like well when one door closes another one opens, but what I will say to you is that I... see more

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Robert Bonilla I most definitely will and try to stay as positive as I can! ;)

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Fall In Love With Your Work Again

Everyone wants work that they are enthusiastic and engaged with, even passionate about. Remember that feeling that you had upon receiving an offer to that job that you really wanted. The excitement of the new position with all the possibilities for growth and accomplishment ahead of you. Perhaps the dream job with promises of professional rewards that would follow as you rise with the organization.

That was... see more


thank for sharing

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Hello today I started a job and i am a temp to Hire employyed by Pridestaff and today I started at a company takinh Calls and filling out a message sheet and or transfering to a Rep. And today got told I will be doing 2 jobs from 8-2pm i will be doing the Recieving Calls and 2pm-5pm I will do Front Desk.

Do I deserve to be paid MORE than minimum wage?

Yeah i know what thats like. It burns you out and to make matters worse you haven't time to do anything... see more

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K R No,
you don't deserve any more.

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7233 Engle Rd, Middleburg Heights, OH 441303428

The Days Inn in Middleburg Heights, OH is currently has Front Desk and Houskeeping job openings. Click here to apply or reach out to us for more information.

Ok send me your picture and your number

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How does a company decide who they will promote and who they will not?

Definitely try Patrick Coppedge 's advice Erica Mayberry !

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Matt Bornhorst

Hello Matt Bornhorst,

You're awesome Matt! Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Patrick coppedge

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I worked at a hospital in northern Virginia. My job was to be in the front lobby and greet patients and visitors when they entered the hospital and find out their destination. After I found out their destination I would escort or wheel their wheelchair to their destination. I had to stand for 40 hours a week. I developed swollen legs and feet from the standing and then the pinched nerve in my lower back started hurting. At one point I almost... see more

Wow; there is a special place in hell for people like your supervisor. Rest in the fact that one day he/she will... see more

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I got a job 2 weeks ago and it is 10 minutes from my house. I love it. I am a Front Desk Coordinator.

Shortly after a bad car wreck in September of 2017 I was offered a job promotion. I came back to work as a cashier due to broke ribs and shortly after two weeks I was healed up more to do better at work and was offered a job promotion to book keeping in the front office October of 2017. I learned more about how my company worked and showed me what more responsibility was like and I loved being a book keeper.

I need a job

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Banana Island Hotel Resort & Spa, Doha, Qatar

Hi shankar!

Unfortunately, at this time, Jobcase only offers job searching opportunities in the US. I suggest... see more

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How do I re- enter the Hotel Industry?
I went to Michigan State University and I earned a Certificate for Hospitality Leadership, to get back into the hotel industry at 62 years old ?. I was a Night Auditor, a Front Desk Clerk before I became an Assistant Manager. I do not want to retire yet because I am a widow and I have a lot of life and spunk in me and I'm very active. I have experience as a Assistant General Manager at a hotel that closed... see more

Hi Audrey Altman ! I think you can always get back to where you want to be. So in order to do this you will need to... see more

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Ashley Wilson
Hi, Ashley, I really thank you for your reply and anyone else who replied, First of all I just got... see more

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Seeking local employment within the Guthrie Oklahoma area. Receptionist, front office, retail, customer service, cashier, housekeeping.

Hi Tricia!

Did you know that you can search and apply for jobs that you are interested in right here on Jobcase?

... see more

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