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Need your advice

My dream is to get my own restaurant one day, but right now I am without a job.I am a trained chef but was thinkin about going and applying at the Pizza Hut near my house. I need something FAST I am runnin out of $$ and a cooking job is a cooking job. My daddy always said a five dollar bill don't care where it came from. Anyone work at Pizza Hut before? How was it?

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Gage Turner
about 14 hours ago

I havent worked at pizza hut but my friends have and just as long as you are respectful to the customers and just do as much as...

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Everything is getting worse

I’m 18

4 years job experience in restaurants and customer service

Was a chef for a year

No jobs. To make it better, my now ex fiancé dumped me out of nowhere so my plans of starting out fresh have been cut way out.

I have a friend in Bend willing to split a studio apartment with me [i shot them the idea] since it’s be only 200$ a month from us each but the fact I can’t get a damn job is killing me. Excuse my language but I’m in a...

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Eddie Bennett
about 16 hours ago

I'm in the same boat, accept it's just me, no one else

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Need drivers

I'm a manager at Happy's pizza in commerce twp. We are looking for motivated people , who like to drive. Yes I have full time and part time positions. Call our store today Happy's Pizza in Commerce Twp

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Melvin Bishop
about 18 hours ago

Sorry, I live in Lancaster

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Rhonda Davis > All Jobcasers
Edited 9 days ago

What's good with YOUR job?

I worked for pizza hut years ago and I loved seeing peoples reactions to what i made. I often didnt see it because i was in the back making pizzas, but i once saw a customer dining with their kids and they were all enjoying it. That was a good feeling. You gotta have pride in your job no matter what you do and look for what is GOOD.

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Sabrina Arrowood
1 day ago

I as well use to work at Pizza Hut and I miss it I was 18; and I was the cook and I loved seeing the customers open there pizza...

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If you are unable to make it to the hiring fair, you can go to the Damen location and fill out an application at the hostess stand! Good luck to you all

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Dolores Martin
1 day ago

Thanks, but I'm in Connecticut

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He’s just jealous

My brother makes fun of me ALL THE TIME because I am delivering pizzas for pizza hut, but I don’t get it. I have money and he don’t. I have a car and he don’t. I get discounts on food whenever I want and he definitely don’t. Be thankful for your job and don’t let anyone bring you down!!!

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Joel Padilla
2 days ago

He is not the one that works hard you work but want does do.

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Marcus Jordan
2 days ago

Hi Richard,
Please use the link below to search for jobs and apply. Thank you.


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58 and washed up?

I have been working since 16 years of age. I was thrown into my grandparents restaurant, and have learned all about restaurant and spectacular customer service. Seems I’m to old to learn, but not I’m learning every day.and I work my ass off. What’s wrong with employers? Thanks for listening.

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Kade Lisenby
2 days ago

They are half right depending on what their business wants to bring in. I’ll be 32 in just a few weeks and it hangs over me...

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Amar Saxton > All Jobcasers
4 days ago


Company placeholder
11720 N 56th St, Temple Terrace, FL 336171602


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Marcus Jordan
2 days ago

Hello Amar,
Please use the link below to see current job openings and apply then call the restaurant(s) to verify they...

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Cody Hamric > All Jobcasers
3 days ago

Career change

What is the safest way to change your career from the kitchen to Construction

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Ashley W.
2 days ago

Hi Cody! I would say start by updating your resume and tailoring it more so to construction. Definitely, leave some of your...

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