Hiring Call Re-Scheduled

The McMenamins FoodService hiring event originally scheduled for Monday, February 11 has been re-scheduled to Wednesday, February 20, between 11a - 4p, at the Tacoma Convention Center, 1500 Commerce St, Tacoma, WA 98402.

Applicant 16 years of age and older still encouraged to attend. Job openings offered e=include:

• Bartenders
• Servers
• Laundry attendants
• Housekeepers
• Security/Guest Services
• Line Cooks
• Prep Cooks
• Bottle Shop/Retail…

Not interested, I am live in Californial, to far.

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I hope you know that

We all feel a little lost sometimes, but just remember this:

YOU can do this
YOU are significant
YOU matter
YOU are braver than you think you are

YOU have got this!


oui j ai le meme sentiment je sent que je suis importante et je cherche de faire quelque chose plus importante dans ma vie pour…

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Just got hired!!!

Thank you Jobcase for all of your help!!! I am still hoping for a part time Dental Hygiene Position, but today I finally found the full time server position that I really wanted!! Cracker Barrel contacted me earlier and I begin Orientation next Monday!!!! So grateful and excited!!!!

Ignacio Co

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What I loved working at #McDonald's-TurnpikeEastbound

I enjoyed the people that I worked with, the hours were overnight as CAM - (Cleaning and Maintainence), which gave me an opportunity to work at my own pace. I also enjoyed a meal each work day on the house. I enjoyed doing whatever it took to get a floor clean and what was usually a self managed job, as long as I did what I was supposed to. Over all, I would rate it a 10, particularly as a learning experience, or for some, a stepping stone for…

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You know, I've actually heard a lot of people say they enjoyed working at Mc Donald's. I guarantee it pays more than my crappy…

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What do I do?

OK, I was hired at Village Inn for a server position. I started last Tues. Everything was going well until I came into work Sunday morning and my manager asked me, What happened to you yesterday? I was confused at first until I said, Do you mean when I punched out? He said, Yes. You didn't tell me you were leaving and you didn't tell your trainer either. You just left. I said, No, you were at the bank. I clocked out and just to be sure I

Yes go over his head and keep it moving

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Any suggestions or help? Please?

I'm in need of some help. I'm trying to find a job as soon as possible so i can keep my family together, I dont know what i would do if i lost my daughter. Shes almost 2 and i havent been able to see her for a week until today, and she didnt recognize me. There is hope for her mother and myself, but i need work ASAP, and preferably something without a background check due to some mistakes when i was younger that im struggling to overcome. Does…

Any chance with fast food or restaurant? If a cook maybe a care facility.

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Amazing experiences

Fire Fly festival, been at work 12hrs already, straight busy the whole time. Keep me up and keeping my composure and focus is a given, but on the edge to crack and Lose my mind. As I walked back end of the kitchen to catch my breath and stay in touch with my sanity, I hear somebody say I hope your the man who gave my homie the best chicken wrap I have had all weekend. I looked up to see who was talking to me, and Snoop Dogg was there before me…

Hell yes!!! Congrats man! Your hard work is evident in the quality and time you put into it!!! You deserve recognition for your…

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FoodService Hiring Event

TopGolf entertainment in Greenville, SC is hosting a series of Hiring Events beginning 3/5 - 3/16. Job opportunities include:

  • Servers
  • Bartenders
  • Bussers
  • Runners
  • Guest Services

Check out TopGolf's career page for more event details and application information.


Top Golf is a fun place to go. I'm sure it's a fun place to work.

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Rejected twice in a month

In the first day of this month. I apply in the factory for packaging operator but I don't have any experience and in a few days later they send me a mail that I was rejected. Of course to me I was disappointed because i didn't get that because I don't have experience of that job. 2 I applied to the food services which is i have a experience in the food services and the next day they send me a mail that I was rejected. I was thinking why they…


I finally got a steady job as a diswasher at Sadelles
Now I got 2 job, 1 temp at Jitjatjo and 1 perm at Sadelles. It's a cool job, just wish the kitchen was a little bit bigger

William Watt Congrats on your new job.

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What I loved working at #Sodexo

I loved the Experience the most. I've had so many different opportunities to meet a lot of amazing people, from celebrity Chefs on down. Sodexo is a company that I can literally see growth in myself and explore so many different cultures an origins. I look forward to continuing my success with the company.

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God Bless you found a place you like.

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