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I had a team member i caught stealing some burritos, i paid for it, gave him the receipt and had him explain his situation to me, he said he was homeless and jsdnt got his first check yet... i explained to him he will have to pay me back but i also let him know this only was for this week, til his first check, but i bought his meal for that week.

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Tyrone Lackey
about 1 hour ago

We need more people like you someone that has a Hart.....that was nice

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Ya know, I'm currently an assistant manager at BK and let me tell ya.This has been the time of my life! I enjoy EVERY single moment I have had with this company for the past couple years. I learned so much from this job that I thought I would never learn from a fast food company. It's great, one of the best company I have worked for, by far has the best environment of a workplace I have ever experienced. I hope that everyone can take a...

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Larry Burnett
about 16 hours ago

just do your best,, it will pay off in the long run, God bless.

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Any advice?

I recently just got terminated from my part time job as a cook, the manager decided to move me to the front because I have carpal tunnel and I am pregnant, I also had doctors excuses for missing work, I call into work because I needed to go to the hospital for another splint for my hand and they tell me I’ve had two customer complaints all in the same day, when I first started working for the company they were so supportive of my pregnancy and...

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Luis Nosti
about 9 hours ago

mi Inglis no good

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What I learned while workin for Wendy's

At Wendy's it always helps your shift go by FAST if the people that you are working with are your friends not just your coworkers. You laugh and talk and sometimes you have to yell at them for taking too long because your drive-thru time is over 200 seconds, haha. You keep each other motivated. If you have a good manager that's just the icing on the cake.

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Christine Olander
about 11 hours ago

Exactly. Then the shifts that drag on are the ones where your crew is lazy, unreliable and think they are better than everyone...

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Hoping that McDonald's will give me a chance at showing my abilities to make a an awesome work environment.

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Matt B.
7 days ago

I hope they do too Andrew! Are you going to be a manager? What kind of ideas do you have to make your location an awesome work...

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Matt B.
about 14 hours ago

True!! Being able to make those around you happy and make your work environment is a great skill. Have you applied to work at...

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I applied to a couple different McDonald’s but I don’t know if I got accepted

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Matt B.
about 15 hours ago

Have you heard anything back, Tymeerah?

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Natasha Stavros > Taco Bell Network
Edited about 16 hours ago

Horse in the drive thru

I don't work there anymore, but awhile back I use to work drive thru at Taco Bell. We had a strict policy if you came up to the window on a bicycle or on foot we couldn't serve you. Well one day a guy comes through on his horse. We served him becaue it didn't break TB's policy and it was the funniest thing in the world. I will never forget it!!

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Cesar Camargo
about 16 hours ago

Hey if you ain't breakin policy and gettin in trouble WHO cares??!!

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Natasha Stavros
about 16 hours ago

: )

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We are hiring!

Good morning everyone... I'm a manager at Pizza Hut in Shelby, NC... We are hiring for cooks and delivery drivers... If interested leave a comment and I'll get in touch with you
Have a blessed day!

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Matt B.
about 16 hours ago

Hi Brandy! Thanks for sharing this opportunity with the Jobcase community. I'd recommend you also check out our [Pizza Hut...

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What I loved about working at Subway was

Every customer I spoke to treated me not only like I was creating their sandwich but always noticed my smile on my face and I loved the different conversations with different people and at different times of the day. In the morning shift I would have regular customers show up to subway with a coffee for me and a story to tell while I prepped my line. Working at subway was a blessing and I miss it a lot but I lost my grandfather and a very...

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Ashley W.
Edited about 17 hours ago

Hi Juliann! That's amazing that you felt people noticed you and treated you well during your time at Subway. I totally...

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Not sure

I got a job interview at the Texas Roadhouse and he acted like I for sure got the job and then he said I'll be calling you I have to talk to somebody else about hiring you that makes no sense General you get hired on the spot so what everybody else think

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Jessica Faketty
about 19 hours ago

Thats not necessarily true sometimes employers email back , follow up interview 2 3 time interviews... May be a 3 step process...

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