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Food for thought for Life:
I feel in today’s world, man or woman is a success who has lived well; laughed often; and loved much; who has gained the respect of people that count and the love of their children; who has filled his or her niche and accomplished his or her task in life; who leaves the world a little better place than he or she found it.

Hardships, poverty, and wants are the best ingredients and the best foundation for... see more


Hardships, poverty, and wants are the best ingredients and the best foundation for the success of a man or woman.... see more

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This week I am going to dedicate time helping members on the community refine their intros and about me. Tell me about yourself in the comments below and fill out your experience in your profile. I will then work my creative juices to help craft a short pitch for you that you can use in your profile, resume, and interviews. What’s your story?

I am 63 y.o. I worked as a legal secretary at a small law firm for the same attorney for 23 years until he retired... see more

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I went with this approach to better strengthen the value and uniqueness of your years of experience and remove the... see more

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Business Professional, known for quickly achieving results on behalf of employers across industries.

Lets connect and network: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-barry-32259a41

Contact me if you're seeking a candidate with the following skills:

  • Self motivated; can work with minimal directions and supervision to complete tasks
  • Flexible and responsive to evolving job responsibilities and demands
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Enthusiastic, energetic... see more

Great resume, Mike! Let us know how else the Jobcase community can help you with your job search!

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