They took me back

I decided to go work for FedEx again. I was there back in 2009 and a lot has changed, but I am happy to be back here. Just have to learn the ropes again and hoping I learn quick.

Why and how you leave

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Gratitude: The Trait That Defines Perspective

Hey Jobcasers,

Today I'd like to talk about something that seems a little difficult in our search for the next best employment opportunity: Gratitude.

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most difficult things to muster up during a rigorous and harrowing experience such as unemployment, homelessness, and similar events, but I would argue that it is perhaps the most important thing to muster up--more than hope, more than tenacity, more than even…

Very nicely put Gage. I have had allot of opportunity to go into sales and I chose not to because of just what you said. I am a…

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Favorite story @ #FedEx

When I train employees I tell them,I'm 47 years old, handicapped, and missing two muscles in my left leg. All you need to do is keep up with me. After a month of Nick being there, I went in his trailer to help him out and show him my technique. I was putting 12 packages on to his one when I gave him my speech. He responded,I don't think I can. Great employee, great person and a great memory I will always remember.

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trust me at 44 and two good legs i would keep up. I would allow you the rest you deserve.

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Funny story @ #FedEx

Some redneck tried to ship full dead deer carcass. Not frozen or dry ice, not dressed or skinned. After couple days of transit to 8o2 it stank, flies everywhere, leaking fluids, use imagination.

What I loved working at #FedExExpress

Everything! The independence, my co-workers my immediat management, the pay , the hours..

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That's great to hear Manny Cruz !

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A LOL moment at #FedEx

Being told to slow down. The building needs an overhaul to handle the volume, and the sensors shut the belts down if you put the packages back to back with each other.

Yes I am pretty sure that is a tough job to slow down during! Gary Pankow

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The best benefit at #FedEx was definitely...

It WAS being able to work overtime hours and given special treatment for hard work at the Carol Stream, IL. All they want is average work they meets their criteria. Unless you live close,or want few hours for hard work, don't come here.

I am sorry to hear that it wasn't a positive experience where your hard work was appreciated Gary Pankow ! Perhaps another…

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My advice to people interested in working at #FedEx as a #PackageHandler ...

Don't go to the Carol Stream, IL location until September or later. Hours have been cut severely. Expect day/midnight shifts to only have a hour/hour and a half of work per day Wed-Fri. A lot of work has been moved to Niles.

Thanks for sharing Gary Pankow !

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The best thing I learned from my job was...

It’s physical! Fedex will train you to drive the vehicles and improve your comfort level with the trucks. Benefits are pretty good, the job is all about service to time commitments, but overall safety to the driver is priority one. The pay, not so great. Without a secondary income from a partner or parent, there’s no way. FedEx executives and upper(senior mangers and on up)managers take all the profit, the face of the company(couriers&counter…

Thanks for sharing with the Jobcase community Steven Sullivan !

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I would love to work for Fedex

I would love to work for Fedex

Make your passion a reality Nombulelo Khambule ! Go visit the FedEx career to search and apply for local employment opportunities…

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What I loved working at #FedEx

There was a different challenge every day...

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