so recently i was told that before i could come back to work i had to take a drugs test... its a serving job no one has to drug test. any way its because my mother just died and the day before i had to work in the morning i had to go to my moms viewing i didnt sleep all that night had been up crying. well anyway still decided to go in. crying before going in sitting in my car to get up the courage to walk in ... well i did and as soon as i walked... see more

Apply for unemployment. Trust me they will contact you. If I'm not mistaken if they ask for a drug test they should... see more

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Hi everyone!

We need your help!

Could you take five minutes and fill out this survey related to your work preferences? Your answers will help us understand the community's needs and wants so that we can better assist you!

Members who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card!!! Contest ends February 5, 2020.

This is great insight! I can't wait to see the results.

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I feel I have dug myself into a hole. I worked as a senior client services administrator at a wealth management company until late 2013.. my 13 year old daughter tragically ended her life and because of the grief, despair, depression and anxiety I was unable to continue in an office environment. Around a year later, I was finally able to lift my head up out of the darkness and started bartending at two different places. I'm wanting to get back... see more

Perhaps seek a letter of recommendation from a former coworker, customer or supervisor.

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Soo I have been employed by the same company since October of 2018... I never missed a day of work or was late. I ALWAYS went above and beyond. I told the gm I needed time of in June (this was November) she ended up quitting/getting fired not sure which, anyway I remind the owner about a month ago at our weekly meetings that I needed the time off he helped me to have someone fill as far as I knew everything was fine. I talked to him on Tuesday... see more


It is definitely shady, but the way they phrased it, we're moving in a different direction sets it up for... see more

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I am in need of a job and will relocate. I currently have had a falling out with my family over my late fathers final Will. I am not here for a handout, I want to make my money in other ways then my siblings who are after the inheritance left to my sister brother and myself. I am not saying the money isn’t well needed and would change my life however I can’t live everyday knowing this inheritance is nothing but a handout that my father was... see more


There are several good Harrisburg sales opportunities on the job boards, including three posted just today! Click... see more

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I was living in New York and moved to Florida two years ago. I was working for a hospital that we did drug screening. I was working for over 10 years earned a good salary and could do my job with my eyes closed. We decided to move to Florida because the schools are much easier. The cost of living in New York is very expensive. Anyway, we moved to Florida in 2016 and we struggled and struggled. I decided to go back to school in 2017 to get a... see more


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Last week my mom passed away after being sick for a long time. I had an interview set up for last Friday that I could not attend because of the wake being that day. I sent an email explaining I could not make it and why and if possible could we reschedule. They did reschedule it as well as send thier condolences. I went on the interview earlier which she again said my condolences to you and your family in person. I wrote her a thank you note for... see more

Hello ,Can you show this is what of the job for me here?I think some job in 7 business day after for I have myself... see more

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About 3 months ago I relocated to St. Louis from Atlanta to take care of my mom. I know I did the right thing but however it hasn’t been a smooth transition.I haven’t been able to find gainful employment. I’ve been a hairstylist for over 20 years but last year I completed my degree in Interior design. I would like to work in the interior industry because being a hairstylist has taken a toll on me. I’m looking for some job leads and prayers... see more

I moved to Atlanta in 1985 and it has always been hard for me to find work-been looking for 2 years, now. It is a... see more

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I have a 29 year old daughter whos a single mother of one and they both live here. We also have a very ill family member living here and I'm responsible for the care of my elderly father who lives a town away. I also suffer from chronic pain and much else. We also take care of my younger granddaughter who's 5 but currently on break as her momma, my youngest daughter is on maternity leave from birth of grandson. I'll be watching them all when... see more

Hi Rebecca Fugit ! If a company uses what’s called a applicant tracking system your daughter's resume could be... see more

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Anyone having an issue with being over qualified. I'm not getting called. I have a Masters in Adult Education. Just stepped down from full-time employment as the Director of an allied health program at a local community college. I am currently working a few hours part time as an adjunct professor teaching online. I stepped down because my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I nearly lost him in the Summer. Hospitalized for nearly two months... see more

Hi Sheila Spence - I hear ya. There are a ton of members in the community who report similar things about employers... see more

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19 Year Old African Male SearchinG For A Job Ta Provide N Help Wit My Mom N Sister

Hello Deondrea Noisette , please take a few minutes to completely fill out your profile as some of your sections... see more

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