I am an Electrical Engineer with experience in Electrical Designs and 14 years in the PWD, Diego Garcia NAVFAC Far East as General Engineering doing construction Management and administrations of IDIQ, Special and MILCON projects in the U.S. Navy.


Wanted: Positive Attitude

It all begins with your attitude. You've no doubt heard the phrase Your attitude determines your altitude. A positive attitude will not only help you to find a good job but also help you hold on to your work in a competitive market.

Many employers say a positive attitude is one of the personal traits they value most highly in their employees.

When you have a positive outlook, you work more effectively. It will give... see more



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I got blamed.

Do you Know BIM ?
Do you know VDC ?
Do you know AEC ?

If you can answers yes to these 3 questions, then you are in the right place. If you can't say yes to those 3 questions then stick around as we build this group out with like minded professionals and students within Engineering, Architecture, Design, Construction, Fabrication, Product Design.

How do I get started? If you are a construction laborer, you may already be familiar with some of the technology... see more

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Ha any minorities ever got hired through aerotech

Absolutely! Aerotech is a leader in equal opportunity and second chance hiring opportunities.

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My experience and skills qualified me to perform engineering tasks no one else could do.


That's great! What kind of experience and skills made you stand out there?

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