Good morning! I am an experienced software engineering professional with nearly 25 years of experience in software configuration management, as a build / release engineer, and middleware support. Currently I am looking for new full-time or long-term contract positions in the Greater Philadelphia area, and would love to speak with someone who has a position for which I might be a good fit.

Thank you!
Stephen Lyford
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Impressive resume Stephen Lyford ! Your profile is loaded with skills and experience, Nice Job!

Let me go ahead... see more

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Like many, I have been in the unfortunate situation of abruptly finding myself without a job. I don't mind telling you, in the moment, it's a completely demoralizing experience. When this did happen to me, there were a few steps I took so I could move forward productively:

1) I was gracious -- I thanked my employer for the opportunity and offered to expedited any needed transition. Why was I so nice? I don't believe in burning bridges... see more

Thank you so much Jeanette!

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I need a mentor for a chemical engineer to guide what's best path to choose

I’m not exactly sure what type of mentoring you seek. I have much leadership experience and have guided many people... see more

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I've put my resume in businesses near where I am moving too. (Moving to be closer to family) I've been at my job for 25 years and I really like it. I went back to school as older adult, and obtained two associate degrees in engineering fields. These recruiters are only sending me administrative jobs and warehousing, jobs that have nothing to do with what I am searching for or have listed on my resume. On top of that, they've sent me tow motor... see more

Not all states have the same minimum wage requirements so finding something close to what you're currently making... see more

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Great people friendly environment and always willing to help and care about there employs

I am an Electrical Engineer with experience in Electrical Designs and 14 years in the PWD, Diego Garcia NAVFAC Far East as General Engineering doing construction Management and administrations of IDIQ, Special and MILCON projects in the U.S. Navy.


I got blamed.

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