What I loved working at #embassysuites

Being able to interact with the guest, and seeing them enjoying there stay

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Yes, you can be hired at 58 (or any age)!...

I thought my fellow Jobcasers would be encouraged reading this story:

A few weeks ago, I received an email as I was found through an online search to see if I would be interested in a newly created position. I did a quick check of the organization, was impressed and replied back.

In turn, I received a reply, had a phone screen, was asked to go in for a first interview, a second interview and then a third interview. I met with 8 people total. A…

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Start looking right before your doctor releases you to go back to work.

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By working hard.....................

By working hard & you never know that you maybe be promoted in the future in this job where you started at. Be positive & very proud of yourself.... I'm Mike from Southern, California & been working part time valet over a year now at the Embassy Suites.I'm finally got promoted to full time maintenance dept.THANK YOU"

May u keep going up higher nd higher my brother blessings always

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HELLO there again

I have been in the homeless situation on & off over 4 years so far in Southern, California area.I have been living in the #homelesscity in Santa Ana, Ca. over a year.Finally, I found a part time valet job at Embassy Suites Hotel & my boss or no body from work that I'm homeless. They have a couple of Homeless shelter's with #MHA #CityNet helps out the homeless.Last Friday , I had a wonderful very interesting full time maintenance job interview…

Wishyou the very best!!

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Drama at #Embassysuites

I really didn't have guesses get mad with me. I worked with 100's & 100's of guess.

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I have a very cool boss I work at!

I'am so excited to work for Embassy Suites off of Dyer road/ 55 frwy in Santa Ana, Ca. area. My Valet Mgr name Ron is a very awesome manager.It's full time + benefits + tips and all the extra free benefits I have there-when you work for this awesome company.

Awesome! It's really great that you found a company and direct manager that cares about it employees

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Just telling as it is................................

I highly command to all ways be positive about your-self & never say or write anything down on your application that, will make you not get the job.There is so many discrimination questions they ask you on the job interview-filling out the job application.. Age-race-where you live,if you have your own transportation .Especially , if your homeless & dealing with every days decisions for your-own lives.... IF you ever knew-how it does fell to be…

That's a very great point that you brought across about someone being homeless and trying to apply for a job how would you deal…

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Im working housekeeping before in embassy Suites

Im willing to work again as a housekeeping

What I loved working at #EmbassySuites

Very conservative and cozy environment, working with a diverse team of people from different cultures serving the need s of today s corporate elite

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A #stressful #EmbassySuites@vanderbilt day

Everyday never could keep enough employees cause of the way the hskp manger treated them the woman was never Happy always hollered & screamed at you like u were a 5 yr old worked there 9 yrs was wrongly terminated & treated low dwn

What I loved working at #EmbassySuites@vanderbilt

Some of the people

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