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Quit Your Job Properly

There are proper ways to do everything and that includes quitting your job. The manner in which you leave your job has professional implications. In addition, you must consider personal matters, especially regarding finances and your health care.

It pays to think about your exit strategy as part of your overall career plan, now and at future steps along the way.

Determine when to inform your boss. When you decide it is... see more


I totally agree

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What I loved about my last job was interacting with the students even learning myself some basic things I had forgotten and how the children welcome to me

You sound like a natural Louise Stewart . Are you working in the same area now or looking g for a similar position... see more

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I was proud to work for CPSB for 35 years as a bus driver. The staff at the schools and at the Transportation Dept. we're fair, considerate and professional. I retired in 2010 and I hope the same work ethics are there today.

Excellent feedback Edna Jane Dowers . I'll be sure to feature CPSB to our job seekers. Thank you

https://www.cpsb.... see more

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I should have called transportation when a student ran off my bus to his suposed grandmother's house on the way to school, one morning. I lost my job that I loved as a Special Education Teachers Assistant. Ever since that time I have been depressed, suicidal. I now live in poverty. I have isolated from all my former coworkers and friends. I stopped singing and attending church. I believe God has forgotten about me because no one will give... see more

Hi Audrey Taylor ,

I'm very sorry to hear you are hurting and understand how a job search can be very frustrating... see more

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Our Boss.. The community in which we work are wonderful people. Everyone helps everyone at the workplace.. Miss D5 forsure

My recommendation for an employee candidate at UPR-Mayaguez and any other institution is that you must have COMMITMENT to the institution. Then, respect and consider at all times that there will be the funds for your income, which is why you must have loyalty to the institution.

I could consider that my biggest mistake was the excess of confidence in certain employees who showed little commitment to the institution, resulting in delays in services and delays in processes.

The most exciting day was the day when the enrollment guidelines were changed to another faculty, causing students not to have the necessary access to the electronic system to pay their tuition. This caused about 600 students to go personally to the Finance Office to manually process their tuition payment and the line was, under the sun, huge.

The reason for this was the delays in the payment of their rendered service bills. Unfortunately, the delay was due to reasons beyond our reach, so that when discussing the matter with the client he could understand the justification of the late payment.

Have known closely the roles and responsibilities of various jobs in different departments. In addition, the employees employed and their commitment to their work.

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