So I got hired for this company and I was required to do a hair follicle drug test where they cut my hair. So I took the test a week ago Monday and today they call me and say the company that did my test doesn't show they have my results or that I came in??? WTH?? Good thin I got a copy of what I signed. So I sent a copy to the lady who called me. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Am I going to have to do this again? I dont want to cut my... see more

Ugh, I'm sorry Nicholle Sweat ! What a frustrating situation. Typically, jobs will require a hair follicle drug... see more

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Nicholle Sweat Congratulations to you!! It was a good thing that you kept a copy of the results. Its a shame of... see more

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Employer ghosting is frustrating to say the least and not a good business practice.

I believe recruiters sometimes are inundated with applications and interviews and inevitably ghosting can happen.

I like to use post-interview follow-ups as opportunities to both thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate interest in the role, but also use the opportunity to nudge the interviewer to take action and keep yourself top of mind with them.

... see more

My oldest son has an odd opinion on ghosting/2 week notice policies. He says employers will fire you/let you go... see more

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James Wilson
I kind of agree though some employers will give a two weeks severance, so that is a consideration... see more

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I was hired by a company two weeks ago, background check and urine test , credit check.... Pass everything they wanted to check, but now they won't give me the position in the conditional offer letter...Can anyone give tell me what to do now?

Um, if they were racist, then why did they have you interview screen, etc. Like someone said, that costs money... see more

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Chasen Crooks Lets just set aside that this thread is over 2 years old. A little late to the party, sweetheart... see more

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I applied for a position and was given a date of hire but when tested for Drugs I told them that I was on prescription drugs due to my disability. The next day I was told they had a freeze on their hiring. I am very disappointed in how they discriminate towards disabled people.

Ur gonna get that alot of times some places will look at u kinda funny bc if they hire someone who has to survive... see more

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I recently applied for a receptionist position at Malone Solutions Staffing in Lagrange, GA. I was scheduled for an interview today 11/07/16 at 9:45am. When I arrived at the facility, she took a copy of my drivers license, social security card, high school diploma and bachelors degree. After getting back my documents the receptionist told me that I had to take a drug test.

There was a woman before me who took hers and then the receptionist told... see more

I am unable to relocate

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So...I was working at New job had been there 5-6 months when one me and two other guys got sent for random drug test at the clinic ...Note the guys that got sent with me where both Managers....well we went and took the Dt..the next week got results everything was all normal...for continued on working.....I seemed to be moving up the ladder fairly quick...actually kinda jumped together two guys who had been there awhile...well one... see more

Hi Donald Crunk . It sounds like there are a lot of things going on in this situation. My advice is if you feel you... see more

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I accepted an offer for a job and a week before I was supposed to start.. I was told the person I was replacing failed a drug test on her new job, and my offer was rescinded. I was so angry!! But I know something better is on the horizon.. and I wouldn’t want to work somewhere that will employ someone who failed a drug test!

Smart move Keesha!

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Just recently last Monday, I finished my third interview at cotsco also did my drug test and background check do anyone know how long those the results come

Am I going to get the drug test and background check results at the event or will I have to wait to know if I’ll get hired? I don’t have any issues with either but I have a couple of other interviews set up early next week that may want me to start right away if I get job offers. Amazon has better benefits and advancement opportunities so I definitely prefer to work there.

I live in california and i can honestly say that having a felony on your record is the most fucked up shit you can... see more

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Do temp agencies copy in Employer to results or does the recruiter reach out to employer and of course employee

Yes, every employer or even temp get the results. Also, background checks

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So I get a job offer from Spectrum. So excited to go through the process. Had to go online fill out all the paperwork all is well. Then I get sent out to do drug testing. I have no worries because I do not do drugs.
However when the drug test results came back, I became very concerned and extremely clueless of what was happening. They claim that my drug test came back positive for cocaine.

Now here's my situation several months I went to the... see more

Do you take any other medications?? There are meds that can cause false positives for diff drugs (I know Any that... see more

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