What made me stay @ #Dominos was

I loved the people they all had different personalities never judged and were very understanding ! And the tips were awsome as a CSR

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Is't for real

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Worked at a few pizza places

So i’ve worked at both Domino’s and Papa John’s as a driver and crew.. There really isn’t much of a difference at all in them. Similar cultures since it basically just boils down to what kind of manager you have. Since we all liked each other at Papa John’s we sorta fell into a team rhythm which helped us just bust out tons of pizza’s quickly. It really just depnds on your coworkers at places like these

I like pizza. I like driving. Is it easy to get hired at Papa Johns?

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Domino's pizza

I didn't like the job because it was in a bad area in Algiers Louisiana and had gotten robbed a few times and I left the company

That sounds like a good reason not to work there.. I wouldn't want to work at a place that gets robbed either!

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A #stressful #Dominos day

I close so when there is alot of order and it's me and my manager

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Drama at #Dominos

I am a people person so i

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What I loved working at #Dominos

My team and i love making the pizza

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THE dBEST thing about working for #Dominos is

Dominos is best place i haver work it wasn't like job we were a
family and i love the customers

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