Would run out of space when trying to unload trucks

I am not looking for a new job for myself but I work with staffing companies to help them share their open jobs with Jobcase. Most of the staffing companies I'm speaking with are not hiring or are not hiring very many people in January.

But from what I am reading online, it seems January is a great time for job search -- this made me think of the Jobcase community:

If you are actively job searching how are you managing your search? Are... see more

I work at 2 factories and know that most shut down for 2 weeks between Christmas and New Year's. We are still... see more

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Hello my name is shane and I opposed for stock person in the morrisville store part time

Hi Shane Keller , Dollar Tree is hiring! Please submit an online application for immediate employment... see more

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Stocking the shelves and unloading the trucks

The Crew I have they are awesome

I love working with the public and love retail

I would love to work with people at dollar tree

I am available right now to start working

Yes I would love to work for dollar tree. I love working with customers and helping

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Well, I went from temp to hired at Dollar Tree. I am still temp at a paper but I have worked one week longer and will work a second week longer than the initial contract. So, pursue work, work well with others, learn effectively and do not behave like a belligerent fool, do not pose as a Know-it-all, do not appear as a psycho, do not take 30 minute bathroom breaks, do not use your cell phone at work on the clock, and by all means show up on time... see more


Congratulations.good information

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Bridgett Irving

Thank you, you are welcome.

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An insider told mw that new in-store employees only get 15 to 25 hours at Dollar Tree - only the managers work full-time. Has anyone else heard this?

Only manager get full time. Asst mgr, ops mgr and merch mgr get 30 hours per week

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Working at my own pace.

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