Powell & Powell Trucking is hiring Over-the-road Class A CDL Drivers and Part-time Truck Dispatchers.

Hiring Managers will be onsite answering questions and conducting on the spot interviews on Thursday, October 3, from 1p - 4p, at the Pikes Peak Workforce Center, 1675 W. Garden of the Gods Rd., Colorado, Springs, CO 80907.
Powell & Powell Trucking Hiring Event Registration

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Thank you for sharing this opportunity!

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So I got home and my garage door would not open. I parked in the driveway and my motion sensor light didn't come on letting me know my power must be down.

I walked to the front door and keyed myself in. A few steps into my home, I dropped my keys. With the lights still out, I fumbled around kicking the ground and feeling around the floor for my keys. No luck.

It was then I realized the street light was shining bright in the window. So I... see more


If you don’t believe it yourself, don’t ask anyone else to do so.

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Waste Management of Southern California will be hosting a Dispatcher hiring event on Tuesday, September 10, from 8a - 5p, at the Waste Management Office on 13940 E. Live Oak Avenue, Baldwin Park, CA 91706.

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online before attending this hiring event. To learn more about the WM Dispatcher position and to apply please go to https://careers.wm.com

it is nice to have dispatcher positions

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Looking for part time in dispatch or shuttle truck. Till April of 2021then full time


Hi John Carver ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

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Most dispatchers don't like most of their drivers and try too make them look bad with that said if you want to find out if its true watch how they talk about over drivers when you are in dispatch cuz if they talk shit about those driver then their talking shit about you they play games with our jobs if they can make a driver look bad they look good they screw up loads too make us look bad the most dispatchers don't want us to run the way we want... see more

ive worked for a lot of different companies in my 30 yeas and they all have good and bad.bout the only difference... see more

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Go somewhere else. They act like they care about drivers but I reality only care as long as you don't ever want any time off or if you or someone in your family becomes sick or in my case spouse has cancer than will act sympathetic to your face and talk bad about you everytime you're not there

Trusting anything that the owner said.

Stand your ground. If you show you can do more and what you are expected to do you are then expected to do it. It is amazing place to work for them they will bend over backwards to help you when you're in need.

Leaving. Although I got in trouble for mistakes other people made it was still decent money and I loved the easy-going atmosphere of the office. I felt like a family and I miss that.

Love and patience is a must if.you want to work in this company

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