Trucking has changed so much since I retired back in 2003. The quality of drivers are not as courteous and not as professional as before.The reason is the Electronic logs and the rate of pay have been reduced. The amount of training required to obtain a CDL has dropped. I would to get back on the road but the body say I’m too old.
I may seek a local dispatcher position in Houston area.


My brother drives Trucks now in Georgia.

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I recently asked six different recruiters and hiring managers to tell me what the biggest mistake applicants make during the interview process is. If they repeated a mistake given by the preceding recruiter/hiring manager, I asked them to give me a different mistake.

Here are the six mistakes that could end an interview, or lead an applicant to not get a second interview/job offer...

1) Being Unaware That it's an Interview, Not an Interrogation... see more


Every things to do before it need understand or explainetion like action exam b/c exam is Long time so it need... see more

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Anyone interested in a UPS job? The Managers at the Distribution Center in Chico, CA are offering open interviews this week. They need:

  • Package Handlers (PT) - all shift available
  • Driver Helpers
  • Delivery Drivers

Please let me know if you're interested before this Friday, December 6 and I'll send you all the interview and hiring information. Thanks

#HiringEvents #UPS #DeliveryDriver #PackageHandler #DriverHelper #Chico #CaliforniaJobs


Awesome, thanks for posting!

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Little for job as delivery driver with this company

This area delivers for companies


You were hired to to deliver parcels, and the company wants to simply reimburse you for gas versus paying for your... see more

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So, since my last post, I've left my first shift job at Wornick. It left me physically drained. I still work my second shift job at pizza hut as a driver. But that's gonna come to end soon. I'm still in school for audio engineering. I have about one month left there and two before graduation. On top of that, I'm going through a divorce after only three years. It hurts but I'm managing. Life is rough for me right now but I'm only hoping for the... see more

Maurice Moss my heart goes out to you. When it rains, it pours huh? Despite all of your challenges, you still found... see more

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14402 York Rd, Sparks, MD 211529362

I'm trying to apply for driver or helper I have valid license strong energetic worker can some help me out with applying keep saying position no longer available near me.

Hey Terrell St. John , do directly to the companies career page to search and apply. The site does show current... see more

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I enjoy helping people and working on a steady pace.I love ups

Hey Wayne Greene , UPS is hiring right now. Only online applicants get considered. Don't wait, submit your online... see more

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UPS just launched their seasonal hiring initiative. The company is seeking up to 100,000 Delivery Drivers, Driver Helpers and Package Handlers. Over a third of seasonal hires land permanent jobs at UPS after the holidays.

Click on the link below and search for job listings in your area, carefully review all the tasks, duties, and qualification requirements then apply online.

Go to the UPS FAQ page for instructions on how you can follow up on... see more

I have chauffeur license, driven all type of commercial trucks,very prompts for work and work oriented

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