The best part about working at #Daycare was

Getting to know the kids and k owing u can help and teach them something new each day Is the best part of it.

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You really have the power to change lives at that age, Wendy Perez ! What did you do to ensure that the kids under your care got…

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I just can't .win with these jobs

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I could not read the whole post. What did you conned into?

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What I loved working at #Daycare

I really loved planning , new and exciting activities for the children and family, the look on a child's face, when they accomplish a new task is priceless.

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What I loved about volunteering @ #Daycare was

I love it working with kids is a blessing

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What I loved about volunteering @ #Daycare was

I love it working with kids i a blessing

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My name is Yesenia. I’m 15. I have no experience at working and trying to find my first job at a daycare. I want a part time job for the summer. And I want a job in Manhattan New York

Hi Yesenia,
I found you these daycare jobs in your area. Good luck!

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What I loved working at #Daycare

All the little minds at work and pkay

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Drama at #Daycare

nothing i am 14 it is my summer job i still work there

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Looking to work with kids

Any place hiring

Hi Aishah,
Here's a list of daycare facilities currently hiring within a variety of job openings. Click HERE to review.

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