Data entry operator

I need this job

Hey Shah Armani , what job are you referring too? The Enlightened, Inc in Albany, NY is hiring Data Entry Specialists. Please…

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Current resume trends

I have been doing career coaching for many years. Just finished creating a 4 part series for people at my company that are being impacted by an acquisition and will be in the job market soon. There are a lot of resume trends people are not aware of:
1. DO Not put more than 10-15 years of work experience if you have it.
2. DO NOT put the year you graduated from any or high school.
3. Do not put your birth year in your email…

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Geez, that is discriminatory, or what! Experience and having lots of energy and still wanting to work should count more than…

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I want to job computer operator Data entry writing marketing sales and courier service and officeboy

Hi immad khan tehkalay

I noticed that your profile is missing your location information!

This info is so important because it…

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Its hard finding legit work from home jobs!

Can anyone please help me with finding legit work from home jobs? I would like to do jobs such as data entry, administrative assistant, customer service, writing and call representative.

Hey Denise Felton - I did some online research and found these companies that offer nationwide work from home Customer Service job…

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Matt Bornhorst thanks so much! I really appreciate it..

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What Should I do??

So today got a job offer Data Entry at a Cold storage near by the wage is $12 and its Temp. To Hire

While on the other hand

I have a Second interview for what I majored in and the wage is $14 full time BUT they will call me to schedule an appt for second interview until they hear back from interviewer may be until 2 weeks from yesterday


The Data Entry needs some one ASAP and if I pass the Assessment Test I will mostly be tired if I do…

I've been in your situation more times than I can count. My advice is don't put all your eggs in one basket. So it means don't put…

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Your credit history

It is very unfortunate that some jobs require you to have good credit when the job has NOTHING to do with currency, working in a financial institution, Wall Street, etc. I saw a opening and it was a Data Entry position and it was requiring you to Maintain a clean credit history (no past due/collections on credit report). I am working in a data entry position right now and has been since July 2018 and I have the best boss EVER, but the pay isn't…

G W Actually a number of Data Entry jobs involve the handling of customers' financial and other personal information so it IS…

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Lois Martin Thank you for your comments, but I have been working with people personal information for many years, and some of…

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I have not worked about 9 months. I tried t return to work 3 times and had a relapse. My left knee couldn’t hold me up standing so long at the supermarket. I do want to change my my job, I wanted to stay on because I want to retire, if I start over again, I would have to wait a longer time to retire. A fellow cashier worked unlit she died. She was close to 80 years or already was. She could have retired but pushed further and further because she…

I know well about how difficult a job search can be, I'm 56 n went back into the work part-time arena one year ago, after not…

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I moved to Jonesboro , GA exactly 11 months ago. I'm having a really difficult time landing a job.

I have experience as a PCA worker working with adults with intellectual disabilities.

I also have 10 plus years as a Data Entry Clerk.

I haven't found a job, and just trying to figure out why I'm not able to find a job.

I'm 51 years old, and seem really down right now. What should I do?


Jonesboro, Georgia... within the Greater Atlanta Area, is it not? You have experience as a Patient Contact Assistant, which is…

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Been looking for a job for over a month

Like many on here, I'm looking for work. As the title says, I have been for over a month. I only have a high school diploma and don't really have the ability to go back to school. I have been in Customer Service in many venues in one way or another, but I have physical limitations that make it difficult to continue with the experience that I have in my work history. I've been applying for positions as Receptionist, Data Entry etc and have had…

The labor board of Alaska lists this source for computer training:

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Lois Martin still no luck with the link you sent me. its like Im getting the web-based run around with no end in sight

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Am looking for data entry

The Galt Foundation in Oklahoma City, OK has immediate Data Entry job opportunities Doug Dixon . Go to

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Extending my probationary period for reasons that are not my fault.

I got hired for a job working for a local govt agency. The county itself has a 6 month probation period that allows the agency to fire you if they don't think you are a good fit or any other reason without the opportunity for you to appeal. Well in my third month my employer decided to change my training to include more components but they will not start training me for this until after my probationary period should end in April. They say that…

Hi Amanda Sedivy that sounds like a tricky situation. It sounds like to me you stay you could face worse things down the road…

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