Never Lie In an Job Interview

As we all know, job interviews are intensely stressful occasions. If you REALLY want the job, the stakes are also incredibly high and you might feel a slight mistake could cost you the chance at landing the job. Given the pressure, some people are tempted to fudge their accomplishments and background a bit. They figure if adding a few years of experience that they'll triumph over other candidates, and what the interviewer doesn't know won't hurt…


If you lie it will surface, be honest

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Good to hear you made no mistakes! You must be a very detail oriented employee!

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The biggest mistake I made as a #Customerservicerepresentative at #DollarGeneral ...

I took the job too seriously and worked so hard like I was getting $20 an hour when I was only getting $9. When I realized I was doing this, killing was too late and it was expected of me.

My advice to people interested in working at #DollarGeneral as a #Customerservicerepresentative ...

Do what your paid to do. Dont kill yourself lifting and stooping and dont stress yourself out for min wage. If they dont cover you with insurance and if they dont pay you enough to get a doctor, take measures to look after your mental and physical wellbeing yourself. Take the job lightly and work according to your payrate.

Customer Service Representative- Work at Home- ID

C3 is looking to make a FAN out of you

Do not miss out on your opportunity to grow with us! Do you love to help others? Are you looking for a new career you can grow with? Do you want/need something where you can work from the comfort of your own home?

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Benefits begin after 60 days (Medical, Dental and Vision benefits)
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Career advancement opportunities

This is something I would like to look into please send all information.

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I’m older but have worked non profit for yeasts. I helped to found a 501c3 for Veterans would like to be able to stay with ailing…

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Work from home for Sykes!

As the team at Jobcase often mentions, Sykes seeks Customer Service Representatives to work from home:

I have applied with Sykes and am waiting for an email back to set up an interview. Please do so. I keep getting emails from Sykes…

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Lori Miller You may want to apply with other companies as well. Here's a good list:

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