Bait and switch

I’m seeking a new employment opportunity to transition from retail sales to a more career oriented path. I’ve been scouring job boards and apply often. Was offered 2 interviews today and eventually had to decline due to further investigation into role. First job was a marketing customer service position which turned out to be cold calling & mostly commission pay. Other job claimed to provide technical support to customers for companies like ATT…


I always look up company reviews with the bbb or anonymous employee reviews whether its current or ex you know? They tend to be…

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Should I ask for a raise?

I hope this doesn't seem insensitive because I know most of you are searching for work. Believe me, I was in your shoes not so long ago and I remember the agony and heartache but I need opinions. I can't post to Facebook because I broke my own rules about not friending people at work. So...

I will start by saying that I really love the company I work for and my job, though it was not without some problems early on. I was hired for a position…

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Ask first day you return from vacation. They are not sure if you found another job while you were off, plus whoever filled in…

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Costomer servis front disk

All is well

Hi Meraj khan

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase?

Just follow these steps!

1. Click on Jobs & Companies…

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I was in the parking lot when...

I work at Dollar General and I was in the parking lot doing a cart run and picking up trash when I saw an elderly woman who looked VERY lost. I asked her what her name was but she didn't speak to me. It was very hot outside and she looked like she had been in the sun to long so I ran back in and grabbed my manager. She helped me get the woman into our store and gave her some water. We contacted her in case of emergency person which was her…

May God Bless you, you probably saved her life.

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Healthcare Jobs!

The Rush University Medical Center has a variety of Healthcare direct and support service employment opportunities from Nursing, Customer Support and Environmental Services (Janitorial).

Please follow the department links below to view the current job openings, apply online, then stop by the Citywide career event to meet with hiring Managers.

Thank you for sharing this great opportunity Nelson Franco !

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Job Search

Hi Jobcasers, I am having a really hard time finding work in the area Of Raleigh NC. I am 26 and have over 5 years of customer service experience, I am very reliable and very enthusiastic to work and can start IMMEDIATELY! It seems like Ive applied everywhere and Im running low on options, so Im doing everything in my power to find me a job as soon as possible! If anyone have a good heart and have a urge to help one another, if you could, can you…

Think outside the box. Look up positions with NCSU. You may be well suited for positions in the HR field. Think position and long…

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ABC Financial Hiring Remote CSRs


• Must live in Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas or Virginia

• Must be flexible to work an assigned work schedule anytime between the hours of 7am and 9pm Central

What you'll be doing:
• You will use your positive attitude…

I try the link and it did not find it

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John Adams Apparently the positions have been filled.

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Customer Service Pros Wanted!

Are you friendly, passionate about service and a skilled problem solver? Check out the Client Service employment opportunities at Comcast within the Chicago area, (see below).


Carefully review the job qualifications and requirement to make sure you meet the basic standards to perform the job duties then apply online. On Tuesday, June 18, come to the CityWide job fair PREPARED to meet face to face with the Comcast hiring managers…


Great opportunities here thank you Nelson Franco !!

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Call center or customer service.

I'm seeking a part time position in Health care customer service or a call center.

WOW, you're in Luck Willie Butler , managers from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Chicago will be at the CityWide job fair recruiting…

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Its hard finding legit work from home jobs!

Can anyone please help me with finding legit work from home jobs? I would like to do jobs such as data entry, administrative assistant, customer service, writing and call representative.

Hey Denise Felton - I did some online research and found these companies that offer nationwide work from home Customer Service job…

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Matt Bornhorst thanks so much! I really appreciate it..

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My advice to people interested in working at #711 as a #Customerservice ...

as any ordinary person what I advice the one who work at 711 or will work believe on maximum satisfaction of the entire customer and if something wrong with the custemer try to talk positively and friendly then things are going to be smooth and calm!!

thanks for sharing this great advice with the community Abinet Shewa !

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